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Delta Airlines is one of the first airline in US that offers special 24*7 assistance to the passengers regarding any query through Twitter handle. Although, Delta Airlines provides complete assistance to the new as well as existing customer via phone call, live chat, email service etc. Still they want to improve the experience of the customer to get seamless assistance by communication directly to a team of 40 and more social media experts. Therefore, to get more precise information about the Delta Airlines customer service that they are offering via 24*7 Delta Assist, gather the data from below.

Know about 24*7 customer service available at Delta Assist?

Delta Assist is the customer service that is available with Delta Airlines 24*7 for providing the required help to the customer all in one place.  To learn more precisely about the Delta Airlines 24*7 customer service at Delta Assist via Twitter handle go through the points discussed below:

  • Delta Airlines is providing 24*7 assistance to the customers who need help before travel, during or after completing the journey via social media
  • The main objective of Delta Assist that is available 24*7 via Twitter is to identify the customers who are looking for help by offering most active online presence
  • Delta Assist is available to facilitate direct communication between the customers and the social assist executive that are available 24 hours a day and complete 7 days in a week to offer help
  • Delta Assist is created by the airline to provide 24*7 customer service to the people who are on Twitter and looking for immediate help via online social network
  • Delta Assist includes a team of reservation agents and social media experts who are most qualified to handle all kinds or customer queries as well as the complaints that are registered by them via Twitter handle

Learn the benefits of Delta Assist 24*7 customer support?

There are several benefits of the Delta assist customer support that is available through Twitter a very popularly used social media channel. So the major benefits of the Delta Assist that offers 24*7 customer service are discussed below:

  • The most prominent benefit of receiving help through Delta Assist Twitter handle is that the service through the same channel is available 24 hours a day and 7 days

  • Delta Assist play a significant role in identifying the customer who are looking for help in the real time and provide assistance to them within a seconds from the social media network
  • Delta Assist is quite a beneficial source of getting assistance from a well-trained team of social media experts any time before the journey as well as during and after travel ends
  • Delta Assist includes a team of specialists with the background of reservations that are able to offer help in different languages including English, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish

So you have understood about the Delta Airlines customer service assistance that is available 24*7 through Twitter where the passengers can directly write down the query or complaint and expect a response for the same within few minutes. Delta Assist is the source of receiving help by the customer in-the-moment along with the important updates, travel tips etc. given by the Delta Airlines through Twitter handle.