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Learn about the Air Canada seat selection process and policy

Air Canada offers you to select seats during your booking process and after booking a flight ticket; there are different seat selection methods that you can adopt to choose your seats on Air Canada:

Air Canada seat selection methods

  • Via Manage Booking
  • Contact Air Canada customer support
  • At Airport

The online process to select a seat on Air Canada

You have to follow specific steps to choose your seats on Air Canada, which are mentioned below:

  1. Visit the official website of Air Canada. https://www.aircanada.com/
  2. Click on the "My Booking" option.
  3. Now, you are required to enter the ticket details to opt for your flight such as "Booking Reference/Ticket Number" and "Passenger last name".
  4. Click on the Find Booking option and retrieve your flight reservations.
  5. Select the booking you need to select a seat.  
  6. Make a payment, and choose your seat. 

Or you can also choose your seats during check-in, and it is also recommended to select a seat from Air Canada beforehand so you get the seats you desire. 

How much is the seat selection fee on Air Canada?

If you want to increase the beauty of your journey, you may choose the seats of your choice, and please note that an Air Canada seat selection fee is imposed on passengers.

  • The Basic Fare type only costs $20-$100 within Canada or Canada-USA. 
  • For International flights, the seat selection fee begins from $30 and can go up to $100.
  • And if you have standard fare, within Canada, you have to incur $10-$50.
  • If you have an international flight on Standard fare, then a seat selection price begins from $20-$50.

Air Canada seat selection policy

Before choosing your seats, you should be aware of Air Canada's seat selection policy because airlines impose certain fees; please check the following points:

  1. Pay certain charges as prescribed by the airlines on your preferred seat selection. 
  2. You can pick your seats before check-in closes (90 minutes before your Canada flight and 2 hours before your international flight). 
  3. You can also choose your seats in advance and may not be charged any fees. 
  4. The airlines will provide you with seats if you don't select your seats. 

How do I contact Air Canada for seat selection?

Suppose you are experiencing trouble while choosing your seats and want assistance, in that case, you can directly reach out to the Air Canada service operator by dialing the phone number 1-800-667-4732 (toll-free for US and Canada), and you have to choose IVR options (that must be based on your required service.)

Do you have to pay to select seats on Air Canada?

There are specific terms and conditions that one needs to keep in mind; please have a look:

  • Choose your seats within 24 hours of your bookings, and no extra fare will be charged.
  • A small amount may be charged if you purchase a preferred seat within 24 hours. 
  • Within Canada and Canada-USA, a fare begins from $20. (Basic Fare type)and it starts from $30 for international flights.
  • For other fare types, businesses, etc., you can choose seats on Air Canada as complimentary.

What are the best seats on Air Canada?

There are different best seats on Air Canada; for example, window seats, the first row of economy, and rows 12, 19, and 21 are the best seats and are preferred by many passengers. These seats have more leg rooms and more comfortable seats, making your journey more pleasurable. 

Can I skip seat selection on Air Canada?

At the time of your booking, you can skip seat selection on Air Canada and again choose your seats at check-in or before a specific time period. (90 min before your domestic flight and 120 minutes before your international flight.) but it is suggested to choose seats while reserving your flight. 

Can I get a refund for seat selection from Air Canada?

Refund for seat selection is based on certain things, and please go through the following points:

  1. All Advance standard seat selection fees are refundable. 
  2. Refunds are made only in certain circumstances, for example, airlines moving your seat, airport change, flight disruption, etc. 
  3. And for further information about the same, you can always connect to the customer executive of Air Canada at 1-800-667-4732, and you will be provided with resolutions. 
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