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How do I contact United Airlines Eppley(OMA) Airport?

Are you wondering about getting to know the methods that you can use to contact United Airlines Eppley airport? So, there are multiple different forms that you can use to get connected with Omaha airport customer service, and below are the following that are mentioned:-

Official contact number- Customer services are available 24x7 to assist their passengers through their toll-free United Airlines Eppley Airfield phone number at (402) 661-8017 or 1-800-864-8331. 

Live chat- You can directly start the conversation with customer services through live chat by accessing the airport's official website or mobile app. 

Other information related to the United Airlines Eppley Airport:-

Airport name- Eppley Airfield Airport
Airport code- OMA
Address- 4501 Abbott Dr, Omaha, NE 68110, United States
Contact number- +1 402-661-8017
Working hours- 24 hours

What terminal is United Airlines at Eppley Airfield?

Eppley Airfield has only one single-passenger Omaha Airport United terminal building split into a central terminal, and there are two different concourses, A and B, at the end. Concourse A is also the south terminal, and Concourse B is the North terminal. 

How early should I get to Eppley airport?

To reach to the airport early, you have to 2 hours before your flight departure, and for many other things to do at the airport like security checking, parking, baggage drop, and many more things. 

Is Eppley Airfield open 24 hours?

Yes, Eppley Airfield is open 24 hours to assist their passengers in resolving the problems that they are facing, or you can arrive early at the airport for your aviation, but you need to know that the dining, cafes, ticket counter, other things or services will open according to their timing and they are subject to change. 

What time do the gates open at Eppley Airfield?

The gate of Eppley Airfield is open 24 hours, 365 days a year. You can arrive there anytime to connect with them, and if you need to get associated with customer services, you can reach out to them and resolve any issues. The customer services that are available there for passengers will assist you in getting the resolutions. 

How many terminals are in Omaha Airport?

Omaha Airport has two main terminals that are north and south, and a central terminal for ground transportation. For the arrival and departure of domestic flights, they use terminal 1, and for international flights, for arrival and departure, they also use terminal 1.

What is the busiest time at the Omaha airport?

The busiest time at Omaha Airport usually occurs between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. So you need to check the timing of your flight ticket for check-in and be there 2 hours earlier. Also, you need to book the ticket when there is no crowd. 

What is the phone number for United Airlines Omaha?

You must access the United Airlines authorized site and then be guided to the Contact Us tab, where you search for the official United Airlines Omaha phone number +1 402-661-8017. After that, when you get that, dial the number, and you will get connected with services that assist you in following the steps and resolving the problems. 

Where is the baggage claim at Eppley Airfield?

When you need to claim baggage at Eppley, Airfield, you can navigate to the north and south terminals, where you will get three baggage carousels each. Moreover, the north terminal houses the Southwest and United Airlines baggage services office, whereas the south terminal houses the Delta and American Airlines baggage service office or Omaha airport baggage claim phone number is (402) 661-8080. 

What is the lost and found number at Omaha airport?

If you are searching for the lost and found number at Omaha airport, then here is the following Omaha airport lost and found phone number 402-661-8080, and you have to dial the number to get connected with them quickly. When you reach out to services, then provide all the details related to the baggage, like color, size, luggage number, and many more things. 

How long does it take to get through TSA at Eppley Airfield?

Eppley Airfield's wait times at the security checkpoint at OMA airport is just around 5 minutes. These times are the estimated checkpoint transition times provided for the passengers' convenience. 

What time does TSA PreCheck open at Omaha airport?

The Eppley Airfield TSA hours for precheck at OMA airport are from 9 a.m. until noon, and the closing timing is between 12 to 1 p.m. If you are a regular traveler with OMA airport, you can get a TSA precheck for 5 years, which costs $85. 


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