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Allegiant Air online check-in

When you have confirmed your booking, and before boarding the flight, everyone has to go through the check-in process. And with Allegiant Air, you can conduct the check-in process online by the web browser or through the mobile application. Choose any of the methods and save time at the airport. Once you have completed your allegiant air online check-in steps, then have the boarding pass to get on the flight.

How to check-in with Allegiant Airlines?

When you have purchased the Allegiant Airline ticket and are looking for the check-in guide, then you can follow the below steps through which you can have your boarding pass online. And steps are

  • Visit the official page of Allegiant Air on your web browser or open the mobile application of Allegiant Air.

  • You have the check-in option at the top right of the homepage and in the application at the menu option. Select that option

  • Once you have selected the check-in option, you have to fill in the first name and the last name, and the booking confirmation number of the passenger.

  • Then you check the seat and also check-in for the baggage and download the boarding pass.

  • The boarding pass either be used as a printed form or a soft copy on your mobile.

How early can you check in Allegiant?

So, when to go for check-in is the frequently asked question of what can be allegiant air check-in time and its minimum and maximum check-in window. The Allegiant Airline provides you a window of 24 hours before flight departure, and the minimum time is 45 minutes before departure. But this condition may vary, so to get the confirmation, you can contact the customer service of Allegiant Air.

Can I use the boarding pass on my phone with Allegiant?

Yes, if you are traveling by Allegiant Air, then you don't need to carry the printout of your boarding pass. when you have a boarding pass on your phone and then you can board your flight with ease. And to have the boarding pass as you have completed the allegiant mobile check-in procedure, then you have the baring option select that opinion clicks on that and preview while checking.

Does Allegiant have electronic boarding passes?

Yes, Allegiant Air has an electronic boarding pass, and you can get it by mobile application and kiosk machine. Use any of these methods to get an E-boarding pass.

How to get an Allegiant Air boarding pass?

There are various ways to get the boarding pass of Allegiant Air, and for the ways, you can see these options:-


If you think that taking a printout from the email is a lengthy process for you or you forgot to bring the boarding pass, then no need to worry; you can also take the printout at the airport kiosk machine. At the airport there, you can see the number of kiosk machines, use any of them and enter the last name and the booking reference number or registered email, and then you also have an allegiant boarding pass in hand.

Mobile application

Via downloading the mobile application, you can also have the boarding pass, and when you check in via mobile application then, you don't have to carry the print of your boarding pass; by showing the boarding pass on your phone, you can board the flight with Allegiant Airlines.

How do I check in on the Allegiant airlines app?

If you wish to complete your check-in process by Allegiant Air mobile application and want to know about the steps, then check the below point to get a hint:-

  1. The download application of Allegiant Air on mobile phones

  2. Then select the check-in option from the menu.

  3. After that, fill in the details like the last anime and the booking reference number of passengers, and hit the continue option.

  4. Then check your seat and complete the check-in baggage and then click on to ok option,

  5. Once the check is complete, you get the boarding pass; if you find any type of trouble, then contact the customer service of Allegiant Air.

Hence, by following this article, you can complete your check-in process and have the boarding pass on Allegiant Air. And if you get stuck, then you can contact customer service for help by dialing toll-free 1 (702) 505-8888 and solving your query. Ways like call, email, online chat, and social media are some easy options to discuss your issue with the Allegiant Air customer service team.

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