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If you cancel your American Airlines reservation over an online platform, the most optimal option is getting refunds for the canceled flight. But first, you must know about the reasons you cancel your reservation so that you easily get refunds back from American Airlines without any hassle. 

  • The foremost reason for flight canceling could be bad weather like a heavy thunderstorm or rainfall, or it might be heavy snow due to which all servers are jammed, and the technical team is unable to send signals.

  • In addition, crew members are on strike because of which flights get canceled or rescheduled. 

  • Or further, it could be a technical fault in the flight which you were going to board.

Though this above reason can be the use issues under which you can cancel your flight due to long hour's delays. Then here you will learn about American airlines refund request, you will get full refunds if issues are from the airline's side because of the request for refunds. 

Steps to get a refund from American Airlines:

  • First, visit the American Airlines official site. https://www.aa.com/

  • Here select the refund option. https://prefunds.aa.com/refunds/

  • Now therein, you need to enter the "Ticket Number" with the "last name of the passenger" and click on the submit button. 

  • After which you describe the reason within 1000 characters and move ahead

  • Further, you will click on the terms and conditions tab

  • Then, at last, tap over the submit tab. You will receive confirmation mail or text message regarding refunds.

American Airlines refund policy

The passengers must know correct information regarding refund policies as well because under those conditions, only you will get refunded. 

  1. In case of passengers cancels flight ticket within 24hour of purchase, then according to American airlines refund policy, you will get full refunds

  2. Further, if you cancel a ticket beyond 24 hours of booking, then after cancellation deduction, you will get refunds as e-vouchers

  3. Refundable and nonrefundable tickets are both fully refundable if you face any medical problems.

How long does it take American Airlines to process a payment?

If you have booked a flight ticket online, then American Airline refund time will be around 7-10 business days to process your refund back to you. Moreover, if you purchased a ticket from the airport ticket counter by paying via cash or check, the refund request might take longer than usual, like it can take around 20 working days.

How long does it take American Airlines to review a refund request?

As per American airline terms and conditions, the policy undoubtedly states that American Airline refund will review by the customer service team within 1-3 days from your day of applying for the refund application. Therefore, if you doubt it, you must contact the customer service team representative for help, dial American Airlines refund phone number 800-433-7300 and you will have answers according to your queries. 

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