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Nothing is more painful than canceling a travel plan. The plans which are made with immense hope when once canceled hurt a lot. If you booked a travel flight with Breeze Airways but due to some reasons want to cancel your flight ticket, there are a few ways through which you can cancel your flight with Breeze Airways. Read further to know them all.

Ways to cancel your Breeze Airways reservation

Cancel Breeze Airways flight ticket online

  • The first and the most basic thing you have to do is to visit the official website of Breeze Airways.

  • Click on the “My Trips” option to see your bookings.

  • Once you click on “My Trips”, you will have to fill in the required details like your booking or reference id and your last name. Then, click on the “search” button. 

  • Then, you will get to see the booking you want to cancel. Click on the booking.

  • You will have a lot of options associated with the ticket. Click on “Cancel booking”

  • Hit the “Submit” button and confirm cancel flight breeze airways. 

  • Wait for the confirmation mail to come from Breeze Airways. 

Contact Breeze Airways representative to cancel the flight

You can also cancel your Breeze Airways through Text Breeze at 1.501.273.3931 and get an immediate solution.

Breeze Airways cancellation policy

Breeze Airways has a set of rules to function smoothly. When you cancel a flight, there are certain regulations you are supposed to keep in your mind. Read the highlights of the Breeze Airways cancellation policy mentioned below;

  1. The airways ask you to pay some cancellation fees if you cancel the flight during the risk–free period.

  2. If you cancel the flight within the 24-hours of a risk-free period then you get the full refund and need not pay the cancellation fees.

  3. You are also permitted to cancel your flight or reschedule it, before 15 mins of the scheduled departure, free of cost. 

  4. The cancellation fees for Breeze Airways canceled flights, will be decided on the type of ticket you have booked. 

  5. To get the refund amount for your canceled ticket then you need to cancel the flight within the time frame permitted. 

  6. If the cancellation has been done by Breeze Airways, then you need not pay the cancellation costs.

  7. Breeze Airways may waive off the cancellation costs if you cancel the flight for a health concern or bereavement.

How much does it cost to cancel Breeze Airways?

The cost of canceling the Breeze Airways flight is a non–refundable USD 45. However, if you are a Breeze Basic member then, the passengers of the flights inside the USA will have to pay USD 100 and for all other itineraries, it will be USD 200. Breeze Extra and Breeze Plus, then there is no breeze airways flight cancellations cost.

Why are Breeze Airways canceling flights?

Breeze Airways is a very passenger-friendly airway. Their top priority has always been their passengers. All of the services they offered are often appreciated by the travelers of Breeze Airways. They only cancel the flight when there are bad weather conditions which are non-preferable for flying. Or, when there is a threat to passengers' safety. Breeze Airways take full responsibility for the safety of their passengers which is why when it is not okay for passengers to fly then they cancel the flight. Therefore when they cancel the scheduled flight, you are not supposed to pay the cancellation fees.  


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