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How to cancel Enterprise car rental?

If you have booked your enterprise car rental and want to cancel your enterprise car rental, follow the steps, which is mentioned below.

  1. At first, go to the enterprise rental website.

  2. Now, go to your booking section.

  3. Enter the confirmation number, first name, and last name to retrieve your booking

  4. To find your confirmation number, you can check the mail from email id No-Care@enterprise.com, and then you can search the text ‘your reservation is confirmed’

  5. In the email, you can check your confirmation number.

  6. Once you get the confirmation number, you can enter it while retrieving your booking.

  7. Now, you get to see your rental car itinerary details on the screen, select the one you want to cancel, and go to the tab ‘VIEW DETAILS, MODIFY OR CANCEL.’

  8. Click the cancel tab to proceed with the cancellation.

  9. Now, you will be jumped to the next screen; there, click on the tab to CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION; you will have to click the tab to confirm the cancellation process.

Enterprise cancellation policy

The Enterprise cancellation policy is very straightforward than the other car rentals.

  • As per the policy, as far as you cancel the car from the 24 hours before pick up, you will have to bear around $50 cancellation fee in the U.S for booking, which re pre-paid.

  • If your reservation includes PAY LATER, you will not have to bear the cancelation fee for canceling car rental.

  • If your reservation is pre-paid and you cancel your car rental reservation before one day of specified pick-up, you will get a full refund with the deduction of the cancellation fee.

  • If you cancel your car rental within one day of pick up, you will bear the cancellation fee almost double what you pay before 24 hours.

  • If you can cancel the car rental booking seven days before the pick-up, you will be eligible to get a full refund for the European country.

  • If you cancel the booking within seven days and before 24 hours, there will be a small amount deduction as the cancellation fee.

How much does it cost to cancel an enterprise car rental?

The cost to cancel enterprise car rental depends on the car rental type and location. More to know the exact cost, you can dial the reservation department or customer care of enterprise car rental and speak to them directly.

  1. For Pre-paid service-If you cancel your car rental before 24 hours of your pick up, you will have to bear a cancellation fee of almost $50.

  2. If you cancel the car rental reservation before 24 hours of pick, you will have to bear almost $ 100.

  3. You will not have to bear any cancellation fee for canceling your car rental booking for Pay-later service.




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