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How to Cancel Southwest Airlines Flight Booking?

Southwest is one of those airlines that is quite popular for offering its passengers low-fare flight tickets. Apart from that, the airline provides a provision to easily modify the booking before the scheduled departure of the flight. So, for the travelers who are planning to make changes to their itinerary, they can read out this article to gather complete information.

How can one cancel their booking confirmed with Southwest Airlines?

Well, most of the passengers confirm their Southwest Airlines flight booking in advance to avoid issues with the booking. But, sometimes the passenger is required to cancel their flight ticket because of some unavoidable reasons. So, to help out the passengers in such situations, the passenger is offered with provision to cancel their booking that includes the following guidelines:

  • As per the airline guidelines, the passenger who has booked Business Select and Anytime fares can cancel their booking and claim a refund. 
  • Further, for those who have booked refundable reservations, it is required that the ticket is cancelled at least 10 minutes before the departure.
  • And in case of non-refundable booking, one needs to cancel their booking within 24 hours of the ticket purchase to claim a full refund. 
  • Besides, if the passenger fails to cancel the booking 10 minutes before the departure, then the entire refund amount will be forfeited.

Southwest cancellation policy for the reservations booked during COVID-19

The passengers who have booked Southwest Airlines flight booking during the pandemic can cancel their booking by keeping these guidelines in mind:

  • The refund against the cancelled flight ticket will be offered in the form of travel credit with an extended expiration. 
  • Also, the airline has waived off the cancellation fee, but one still needs to cancel the booking 10 minutes before the departure of the flight.

Thus, these are the few guidelines that can help one to cancel their Southwest Airlines flight booking. Besides, for the passengers who are not aware of the procedure to cancel the booking online, they can follow the detailed steps discussed below and claim a quick refund.

Quick steps to cancel the booking with Southwest online

To begin the ticket cancellation procedure for Southwest Airlines flight booking, one needs to visit the airline website and follow the steps discussed below:

  • On the home page, click on the Change and Cancel tab. 
  • Now, provide the first name and last name along with the ticket confirmation code. 
  • After that, the passenger needs to check on the cancel flight option. 
  • Then, the passenger is required to confirm the cancellation prompt for the booking. 
  • Once the ticket cancellation is confirmed, the passenger will be offered the required details to claim a refund.

Contacting Southwest Airlines for ticket cancellation

For any reason, if the passenger fails to cancel their booking online, they can reach out to Southwest customer service to confirm their ticket cancellation. Further, for reaching out to the airline customer service the passenger can make use of the listed options:

  • Phone call support: One can reach out to the airline representative over a phone call to seek cancellation related assistance. 
  • Social media handles: Also, the passenger can send a direct message on the social media handles of the airline to seek prompt help. 
  • Send an email: Besides, the passenger can even send an email regarding the issues they are facing with the ticket cancellation process.

Thus, next time whenever one wishes to cancel a booking with Southwest, they can make use of the information provided in this article and claim a quick refund.

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