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How can I cancel my Sun Country flight tickets? 

If you have trouble canceling a flight with Sun Country airlines, you can contact the support agent for flight cancellation or you can do it online through the official website.

Cancel a Sun Country flight reservation online

To cancel a Sun Country flight reservation, check the below ways to cancel a ticket online: 

  • Go to the official website of Sun Country Airlines. https://www.suncountry.com/
  • Go to My trips and select the Manage your trip option.
  • Enter the details, such as last name and reservation code.
  • After that select the flight you want to cancel.
  • Click on the cancel option. 
  • Once you have canceled your flight, you can check your email to confirm it. In case of confusion, you can refer to your reservation confirmation mail or contact customer support. 

How do I contact Sun Country for flight cancellation?

If you are unable to understand the online process, you can dial the sun country airlines phone number which is 651-905-2737, and reach out to the support person and ask for flight cancellation. Additionally, you can follow the airline on Social Media platforms to get the latest information about your flight and the best deals and offers.

Sun country cancellation policy

Before canceling the flight reservation, you must learn the cancellation policy of Sun country airline:

  1. If you are canceling your flight within 24 hours of making a reservation, you don't have to pay the flight cancellation fee. 
  2. Passengers not just cancel the ticket but are also permitted to cancel the hotel reservations they are expected to call the airline, and this should be done within 14 days prior to the departure schedule. And within 13 days of the flight schedule, you can’t cancel. 
  3. If you are canceling your flight after 24 hours of making a reservation, you have to pay the flight cancellation fee. This policy applies to individual passengers and not group/ tour bookings like Sun Country vacation packages, land products, and other non-air products and services.
  4. Apart from this, Sun country cancellation fee wouldn’t be charged if the flight is canceled within 60 days from the departure. However, the airline charged a cancelation fee of $ 39 when calling off your ticket for 14-59 days and $ 79 if 13 days left to depart your flight. 
  5. The airline has a fee waiver policy. According to this, you can make a one-time modification, including canceling your reservation and turning your flight for credit to be used later. This choice is available from 59 days to a 1-hour flight departure schedule without paying any charge. 

What is the cancelation fee for Sun Country?

Generally, the Sun Country cancelation fee is based on when passengers cancel their flights. The airline doesn’t charge any amount if you cancel your flight 60 days prior to the flight departure schedule. Moreover, 24 hours cancelation policy is followed by the airline. However, flyers will be charged around $ 39 to cancel the flight after 14- 59 days from your schedule. Afterward, it could be $79 charged by sun country to cancel the flight. 

Does Sun Country have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Sun Country has 24 hours cancellation policy. As per this policy, passengers are permitted to cancel their flights without any fee if their flight schedule is 7 days or over. 

Do you get a refund if you cancel a flight to sun country?

If you bought your original ticket with a credit card, Sun Country would transfer the refund 7 days after your request is approved. Reservations made by cash/check can take a minimum of 20 days. 

Can I cancel a Sun Country flight within 24 hours?

Yes, Sun Country cancels 24 hours after purchasing the ticket. However, the refund depends on the ticket type. Visit the website for more details. In case of any emergencies, you can contact the airline. 


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