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Zipcar is an American-based car-sharing company that promotes its business and works for a noble cause. Through their business, they plan to develop a culture where people prefer to share their car instead of buying a new car. They have provided their customer an option to make their journey comfortable at an affordable cost. In case there is an issue, you can also cancel Zipcar online. Zipcar has an accommodative cancellation policy where it allows its customers to cancel their booking online or through the help of customer care. 

The cancellation policy of Zipcar rental

  • If you have planned to cancel your Zipcar trip and are giving advance notice for that, you do not have to pay any extra amount as a cancellation charge, and you will get a full refund.

  • If you cancel your trip within 30 minutes of booking, you are eligible for a full refund.

  • If your trip is less than 8 hours in length, you can cancel your booking up to 3 hours before the start time. If you cancel your booking 3 hours before its start time, you will receive a full refund.

  • If your trip is greater than 8 hours in length, then you have to cancel your booking at least 24 hours in advance to get a full refund.

  • If you have canceled your Zipcar booking outside the given time frame, then no refund will be provided to the customer.

The process to cancel your booking is available online, and you can also take the help of a customer support executive to cancel your booking with Zipcar by dialing 1 (866) 494-7227 to get immediate assistance.

The procedure to cancel a Zipcar reservation

  1. Visit the Zipcar rental official website. https://www.zipcar.com/

  2. You have to log in to your Zipcar account

  3. Now you have to open "My Account."

  4. Select "Manage Booking"

  5. Now select "Cancel my Booking."

  6. If you cancel in advance, you will get a full refund.

Due to some unpredictable incidents, you may have to cancel your booking with Zipcar at one point in time. The cancellation of a booking is not a complex task, but it needs awareness. If you cancel your booking according to the Zipcar policy, then you will not face any trouble whatsoever. You can also avail this service with the help of customer support service.

How do I cancel my Zipcar via calling?

You can reach the customer support executive of Zipcar at 866-494-7227. They will assist you in canceling your reservation as soon as possible. Canceling your reservation with Zipcar is an easy task. All you need to follow is the terms and conditions of their cancelation policy to avail smooth and hassle-free cancellation. If you cancel your booking within a given time frame, you don't have to pay a Zipcar cancellation fee. If you don't follow the time frame, your entire booking amount will be seized and considered a cancellation charge

Does Zipcar have a cancellation fee?

If you cancel your booking well in advance by giving prior notice, you do not have to pay an extra amount as a cancellation fee, and you will get your entire booking amount as a refund. But according to Zipcar's cancellation policy, if you cancel your ticket outside the time frame mentioned in their cancellation policy, then your entire booking amount will be forfeited as a cancellation fee. 

Can I cancel Zipcar anytime?

Customers who have reserved a Zipcar for their ride might be in confusion if they can cancel Zipcar. Yes, it is straightforward for the passengers to cancel their Zipcar ride or subscription once they have bought it. To know how customers will cancel their Zipcar subscription, they need to follow the steps that are mentioned below:

Steps to cancel the Zipcar subscription:

For those customers of Zipcar who have bought the subscription but are not familiar with the cancelation process, for them some steps are mentioned below:

  1. The initial step is to visit the official website and log in to the Zipcar account.

  2. From the menu section, choose ‘account setting and information.’

  3. Now, customers must select the ‘close the account’ option from the second dropdown option.

  4. After that, click on the ‘submit the request’ option.

  5. The account will be closed by Zipcar.

Can I get a Zipcar refund?

Yes, customers of Zipcar can easily ask for a refund once they have canceled their subscription. To get a Zipcar refund, customers can cancel their subscription after a month of signing up for a Zipcar. The steps to get a refund are as follows:

  • Log in to the site of Zipcar, and tap on the ‘help link’ from the homepage.

  • Tap on the ‘see all articles tab’ option from the new page.

  • Choose the ‘out of expense’ option. Next, click on the ‘Request a refund tab’ section.

  • Follow the on-screen procedure and go with the process. The refund will be credited to the account of the customers.

How easy is it to cancel Zipcar?

Yes, it is a straightforward process to cancel the Zipcar subscription. The customers only have to submit the request form for canceling the membership. The customers of Zipcar can use both online and offline steps to cancel the membership or subscription. There is an online process by visiting their official site through which requests can be sent to the company. For the offline process, customers can call on the number of Zipcar mentioned on the ‘contact us’ option of the official site. Customer service will guide you with the procedure to cancel the membership. 

Is it free to cancel Zipcar?

Yes, if customers of Zipcar are trying to cancel their subscription, it will be free for Zipcar users. To cancel Zipcar free, users only have to go through the process of cancelation or submit the request form to the Zipcar customer service. The only thing customers have to keep in mind is to give the notice to Zipcar in advance. If the notice is not provided to Zipcar, customers will be responsible for the total amount of the reservation.

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