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China Southern Airlines has been known for its efficient service to the customers. They are aware about there can be a situation where a customer would need to make the changes to his booking. 

Generally, there are possibilities where users might find it challenging to reschedule their flight tickets with China Southern Airlines because, under the schedule change procedure, there are few guidelines that passengers must be well aware of so that without any hustle, customers can do change the flight schedule. 

So if you want to know the process to change flight date with China Southern Airlines, follow the below mentioned points.

Ways to change China Southern Airlines flight date

  • Visit China Southern Airlines official website https://www.csair.com/en/ 

  • Once you’re there, you need to tap on “Services” 

  • After that click on "Change/Refund" tab.

  • Once you have done that, you only need to mention the booking code number and your name. 

  • Now press the button “Search.” 

  • On the fresh page, you’ll see your booking. You only need to open your booking and then tap on the date section. Under that options, click on the button “Date change.” Now make the desired changes. 

Passengers can also change the flight date with China Southern Airlines by contacting customer service, dial 011 86 400 869 5539 to get the solution of your problem.

China Southern Airlines schedule change policy

  1. According to the ticket change policy of China Southern Airline, if a passenger flight is delayed from 3hours, or so, then you get the option to cancel your current reservation, and you get two options like getting refunds or ask a representative to book a new ticket.

  2. For further if a passenger on their own want to reschedule their ticket date and time then in such a case they will have to cancel their current ticket, and they can settle by getting refunds converted in e-vouchers or coupon codes that will benefit them for a future booking.

  3. If the flight ticket gets rescheduled, then the passenger is entitled to offer you an alternative flight within that time or a full refund of your ticket, etc.

How much cost to change flight date with China Southern Airlines?

The air ticket rescheduling process might be costlier, or it will depend upon your current itinerary that you want to reschedule from China Southern Airlines. Now to know about the china southern airlines change fee. You must gather information like carrier changing for domestic flight change, then $ 70 plus will be charged. The flight rescheduling penalty might be $200 or so depending upon your current itinerary that you have scheduled from China Southern airlines.

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