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Emirates Airlines allows the passengers to change their names on flight tickets for free for the first time. One can change their name or correct it online by visiting the official Emirates website. Emirates allows changes to the passengers’ names however people have to pay the airline in order to correct their name on Emirates bookings. 

Legal changes to your names can be done for your booking at any time throughout the journey. Also, the airline holds the right to request further evidence in the case of the name change for your flight reservation at Emirates. Also, ticket transfer is not supported for Emirates flights via a name change. People cannot change the name on the ticket to another person. 

How to change a passenger's name on an Emirates flight?

People looking to make the desired changes to their Emirates reservations need to follow the steps mentioned below for Emirates name change on the ticket: 

  1. Visit the official Emirates website and locate your reservation by the login.

  2. After that click on Manage Booking.

  3. Mention your Emirates reservation reference number along with your last name and hit the submit option to access your Emirates booking. 

  4. Select the change flight option and further select the name change from the drop-down list available under the flight change section for your flight. 

  5. Next, complete the payment for the desired changes on the next page and receive a notification regarding the same on your registered email address. 

If you are someone who is having a direct booking at Emirates, you can change your name on the Emirates ticket and get instant support by contacting the Emirates customer executive at 1 (800) 777-3999 or by visiting the ticket offices in the vicinity. Also, make sure that you are able to request the desired name change at least two hours prior to the actual scheduled departure of your Emirates flight. 

If your reservation is provided by a travel agent, you must make a change request to the travel agent responsible for your flight booking and itinerary. 

How much do emirates charge to change a name?

People are able to change their misspelled names on their Emirates tickets. The cost is as follows: 

It costs USD 30 per ticket for direct bookings made at Emirates as far as all markets are concerned (except UK, India, and Brazil). This is the charge collected for bookings made via the Emirates website, ticket offices, or contact centers. 

The U.K. 

Passengers need to pay GBP 10 per ticket for direct bookings made via the Emirates website, ticket offices, or contact centers. On the other hand, passengers need to pay GBP 20 per ticket if there is an involvement of a travel agent and the booking is made through a travel agent or non-Emirates website booking. 


If you make a reservation from Brazil, you are exempted from paying the name change fee to Emirates. 


If you make bookings from India for Emirates, you can make changes for free as there is no fee for a name change for your flight booking. 

What is an Emirates name change policy?

People can stick to the inclusion of the name change policy to have a smooth change experience for their flight booking. If you need help, you can resort to getting in touch with the customer support team at Emirates for help. Let us consider some of the key points associated with the Emirate's name change policy: 

  • Passengers can change up to 4 characters on the first, middle, or last name provided that the tickets are booked using the Emirates website. 

  • In the case of name change passengers need to present a photo ID for validation purposes at the airport. 

  • Emirates charges an added change fee for a name change if passengers are changing their first, middle, or last name for their flight reservation. 

  • A fare difference is applicable in the name change category for Emirates bookings made online using the Emirates website www.emirates.com. 

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