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How to change the name on United Airlines tickets?

United Airlines is the largest air carrier company globally as they serve an extensive network of domestic and international routes. Entering the wrong name in the flight is one of the most common mistakes made by passengers. United airlines provide an opportunity to make the corrections in their names. When a passenger has misspelt the name and wants to make changes in their flight, they can do so by United Airlines name change policy to correct their name.

Below are the simple mentioned points which you need to understand before changing the name:

  • You can only correct the spelling of the first name of the passenger.

  • You can correct the spelling of the passenger's last number.

  • You can only change the name to the passenger's nickname and not change the full name.

  • You can correct the prefix or title.

  • You can only add or delete the middle or initial name.

    You can make corrections in the inverted first and last names of the passengers.

The process to change the name on United flight ticket:

With the name change policy, you can change the name of the united ticket. You may do so via the united website or by contacting the united Airlines representative to change the name on the United airlines ticket easily. Following are the points which you can follow to change or correct the name online at the united website:

  1. If you have a mileage plus account, you can make mandatory changes with the passenger account on the passenger profile by uploading the relevant documents for the change.

  2. You need to open the United Airlines website in your browser if you did not have a mileage account.

  3. Now select the manage booking option at the top of the screen.

  4. Enter your booking confirmation number and the last name of the passenger.

  5. Now pick the flight you want to change and click on the edit option for name change by paying the change fee.

  6. You need to add the relevant document of proof and click to submit the process.

  7. With these above steps, you can change the name quickly, and the united team will send a change confirmation at your registered email id.

How much is a name change with United airlines?

If customers apply for the change within 24 hours of the booking, they are not required to charge any fee. But if they apply after 24 hours, then a fee of $200 will be cost to change name change with united airlines respectively. You can go through the name change policy to get the details regarding the change fee, or you can contact the customer support team anytime.

Can you change the name on an airline ticket United?

You cannot change the whole name of the passenger; you can only rectify the last and first names of the passenger. You need to follow the United Airlines name change policy and apply for the change online to change the name. You can also contact United airlines customer care and reach the live person by call, chat, email or social media and talk to them about the name change or correction. All the contact modes are available at the United airline contact section and are 24 hours available.


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