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Traveling is a subject that cannot be constant or predictable or fixed because it gets changes at any moment. And if you have planned your trip with Thai Airways, your visit's purpose varies. As a result, if you have to change flight date thai airways, you can use either option and complete the procedure.

Change Thai Airways flights date online

When you cannot conduct the process on your own, you can use the online method and perform the process on your own. And the steps to change thai airways flight date have been described beneath:-

  1. Visit the official website of Thai Airways. https://www.thaiairways.com/ or (66) 2545-1000 (Thai flight chnage phone)
  2. And then click on my booking option. 
  3. After that, you must enter the thai booking reference with the passenger's surname.
  4. Now, click on the date change option. 
  5. Further, select the available flight date and click on the continue option.
  6. Afterward, you get to the payment tab, make the payment and click on the finish option.
  7. Then you can receive the confirmation message in the email and phone number.

Change Thai Airways flight date via call

While acquiring help from the customer service of Thai Airways could be one of the easiest ways to conduct the date change process. And the number that can be used for this is (66) 2545-1000 or 1 800 426 5204 from USA, and then follow the IVR menu such as this:-

  • Tap1 to select language 
  • Tap3 for flight booking 
  • Tap5 to change the flight date
  • Tap8 for baggage information 
  • Tap0 to speak with Thai Airways customer representative.

How much does it cost to change a flight with Thai Airways?

When your purpose of traveling get changes and while changing, if you are worrying about thai airways change flight fee, then relax because the airline also offers free flight change. If you can change your flight within 24 hours of booking, the airline might take any additional fees, but when this duration expires, you can pay around $125 to $450, depending on the fare type and routes.

What is Thai Airways flight change policy?

When traveling by air route to your destinations, you might be aware that they have a set of terms and conditions for every type of feature they offer. And if you have to change a flight on Thai Airways, you get to follow the provision stated by the airline. Further details you can locate under the Thai Airways flight change policy and that provision have been raised below:- 

  1. When you change the flight before 72 hours of departure, your airline might not apply the penalty for the change.

  2. And when you have to change the flight within 72 hours of departure, you can change your flight, but after paying the additional fee, that could occur on your fare type and route.

  3. You can also get rid of the penalty for the flight change if you change your flight due to delays in the original flights.

  4. If the passenger has any medical emergency, illness, or court summon, you might change your flight, but you might have to present the document to the airline.

  5. When you have to change destination thai airways while changing the flight, you might not be able to conduct the process because the destination change might not be permitted by the airline, but you can make a new booking for that.

  6. When your flight has been canceled by the airline due to weather or strike, then you can reschedule your flight on another date without paying the flight change fee.

  7. While changing to the new flight, you get to pay the service charges per the new flight rule.

  8. When you have conducted your reservation with the travel agent, then to change the fight, you have to connect with them. In this circumstance, the airline might not take cognizance.

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