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At China Southern Airline, passengers get the option of check-in online without any hustle because this method is one of the most convenient options to use and get assisted accordingly from the airlines' official website. Moreover, in case you have no checked baggage, then you may check-in online and easily print the boarding pass, and with Online Check-in, passengers will get through directly without any stoppage of the queue for the boarding pass at the airport counter which will save your time quite effortlessly. 

Now to know about the steps through which you will quickly go for online check-in with China Southern Airlines, you will have to follow some basic steps.

The process to check-in online with China Southern Airlines

  • First of all, you need to visit the China Southern Airlines official website https://www.csair.com/en/ 

  • Then you will have to move towards the "online check-in" tab and click over it https://www.csair.com/en/online/check_in/ 

  • Now under the check-in page, you will have to enter the "Verify ID" and "last name" of the passenger and click on the confirm button. 

  • Next, you will get your reservation ticket on-page, and you will have to follow the on-screen prompts step by step 

  • Further, you will get the option to quickly get your boarding pass printed chance while you press the option boarding pass without any issue, and you will receive a boarding pass via mail on your registered email address at the booking time you entered, etc.

Essential methods to check-in on China Southern Airlines

There are specific ways by which you can easily check in at China Southern Airlines. Passengers can save their time from the queue and quickly board flight tickets within these various check-in options without any hustle.

China Southern Airlines web check-in  

While you use the online platform to check in, you will have to use the official site page to log in and check in. So while you use the www.csair.com link to the login website, you will have to click over the online check-in tab and enter all the required details and your boarding pass procedure will start quite effortlessly.

China Southern Airlines Self-Service check-in

At China Southern Airlines, if you use Self-Service Check-in, this platform is one of the most convenient ways of going through the relevant procedures by passengers themselves. While this option is active, passengers can access all their flight's data with the specific check-in certificate at the self-service equipment and easily select seats, etc.

China Southern Airlines SMS check-in

With SMS check-in, all the passengers go through their check-in procedures by sending and receiving short messages. Now at present, SMS Check-in is only available for adult passengers with domestic non-stop and non-code-sharing flights.

China Southern Airlines Counter check-in

Generally, the time limitations are 30 minutes before the departure, but in some airports, it is 45 minutes to 1 hour before the release, etc. So Counter Check-in is the third most convenient option that you will have to use and get assistance directly from a customer care representative who will assist quite effortlessly for your convenience.

How do I get my Boarding Pass on China Southern Airlines?

In case you need to know about the process to get your boarding pass. You will have to use Mobile Boarding Pass, a multimedia message that the passengers receive from online check-in, check-in SMS, which contains two-dimensional bar code and information such as passenger name, flight number, departure gate, seat number, etc.

However, if you need to get more information regarding China Southern Airlines online check-in, you can connect with a customer service representative by dialing 011 86 400 869 5539, they will assist you accordingly. 


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