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How do I contact United at Houston airport? 

United Airlines is a major US-based airline that flies to over 200 destinations on domestic and international routes. If you have any queries, you can choose to get through to the team and then communicate with them. The airline is a hub at IAH airport. It is an airport that serves international as well as domestic flights in Texas. It is the second-busiest airport in Texas. If you are either flying in or out of the airport, then you can choose to get through the methods explained below. 

1. Contact through the Call Process- In order to make a call, dial the United Airlines Houston airport phone number, 1-800-864-8331. After getting connected, you must follow the IVR so that the agent shall connect with you to help you connect with them. The IVR that you must follow are as follows: 

  • Press 1 for baggage issues. 
  • Press 2 for cancellation and refund. 
  • Press 3 for check-in at the airport. 
  • Press 4 for other help. 
  • Press 5 to connect with a United representative at IAH airport.

2. Communicate through Live Chat- You can also get contact the airline through their live chat mode of communication. In order to contact through chats, other than calling at United Airlines IAH phone number. To get on to chats, you can visit their official website, www.united.com. Then navigate to their contact page from the help option available on the homepage of the airline. From the available contact methods, you can choose to tap on the badge icon, which will result in expanding a dialogue box. Get on to the box and then answer the automated questions. After this, you will have to wait for a few seconds, and then an agent shall connect with you to help you with the raised issue. 

3. Connect over sending an email- Email is the best old-fashioned mode of contact. If you are an individual who wants to get through reliable and trustworthy communication, then you can choose to connect through email. To send an email to the airline, you will need to draft your query and then send it to the official email address of United Airlines, customercare@united.com. The team shall get back to you within 24 hours of the time you have sent the mail. 

4. Contact through Social media- Another contacting process is social media. You can reach different social media platforms where the airline is connected, and you can communicate with them. You can reach out to their handles and then either send them a message or tag them with your posts. The different handles where the airline is available is as follows: 

Facebook- www.facebook.com/unitedairlines
Twitter- www.twitter.com/unitedairlines
Instagram- www.instagram.com/unitedairlines
LinkedIn- www.linkedin.com/unitedairlines

5. Contact forms- You might even skip calling United Airlines George bush airport phone number, get over chat, email, and social media in order to contact United Airlines. You can simply tap on the feedback/ contact option to get through the contact form. Fill it out and then submit the same to contact the airlines. 

What time does United open at IAH?

United Airlines office operated from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm EST at IAH Airport. The United Airlines customer service hours at IAH airport are different from the other airlines. You can choose to visit the airport's office for your queries so that you can find a solution for the same. 

What terminal is united at George Bush Airport?

Terminal E exclusively serves United Airlines for several domestic and international flights. 

What are the Airlines in Terminal B at IAH?

Terminal B of the IAH Airport serves United Express international and domestic flights. 

Where is United Airlines at IAH?

United Airlines is located at Terminal C of the IAH Airport. You can get through the United Airlines George Bush airport customer service for the queries you have at their office at the airport. So you might reach out to them for the problem you are facing.  

What terminal are united arrivals at IAH?

The United International flights arrive at the airport through Terminal E, and all the United Express flights arrive from terminal D or E. But the airline departs from Terminals A, B, and C. United Airlines IAH Arrivals Terminal and departure terminals are different. 

Where do I pick up United passengers at IAH?

The pickup services for United Airlines passengers at IAH airport are at Terminal C. The pickup curb front, though, is not valid for waiting for passengers, but you can pick up the passengers from the said point. 

What terminal are united Departures at IAH?

United Airlines departs from Terminal E. IAH United terminal departures fly out various flights to multiple destinations present around the world. This terminal is exclusively operated by United Airlines.

How do I report a lost item to United Airlines at IAH airport?

If an item is lost at the airport or on the aircraft, then you can choose to contact the airports lost and found office. The lost and found office of United Airlines is located at the arrival gate of Terminal E on the lower level. You can also call them at United Airlines Houston airport lost and found at 1-800-864-8331. The lost and found office opens from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, and is closed on weekends, i.e., Saturday, Sunday, and other holidays.  


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