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How do I contact United BWI Airport?

United Airlines operates flights frequently at the Baltimore Washington International Airport. It is more commonly known as Baltimore or Washington Airport since it is among the top 3 airports that serve Baltimore-Washington Area. For customers’ convenience, its customer service is always easily reachable, and you can connect with them in multiple ways. All the issues are taken care of in the optimum way. United Airlines, as well as the airport customer service, are always available to help customers. The following article includes all the relevant information about United Airlines at BWI Airport. 

United BWI Airport number: the most used and basic way to get solutions to issues and queries is to call United Airlines Baltimore phone number, 1 (800) 864-8331. It is a toll-free contact and can be contacted 24/7.

United Airlines BWI Airport address: customers can also get help from customer service by reaching the airport address and getting help directly in touch with them. The address is 7050 Friendship Rd, Baltimore, MD 21240.

Airport Code: the IATA code of Baltimore Washington Airport is BWI. 

Working hours: being a busy airport, it is open 24/7.

What terminal is United Airlines at BWI?

Baltimore Washington Airport is spread across a huge area and has 5 terminals with 78 gates. All the United Airlines BWI arrivals and departures happen at Terminal 1. Thus, you will find United flights at Terminal 1 at BWI Airport.   

What is the phone number for BWI Airport customer service?

When you face issues with any of the airport services, it is easiest to contact them via call. The BWI Airport customer service phone number is (410) 859-7111. You can get every information about flights, airport services, parking, etc., by calling the number mentioned above. 

How early should I arrive at BWI for a domestic flight?

It is always advised that passengers reach the airport a minimum of 2 hours earlier than the scheduled departure for domestic flights. This is to ensure that they have ample time to go through the formalities. The United Airlines BWI departures take place at Terminal 1, so you should reach the terminal on time to board your flight. 

What time do ticket counters open at BWI?

Do you have to book a flight ticket immediately? If yes, you can make a reservation at the airport ticket counters. They are open between 3 am and 7 pm. Flight cancellations can also be made at these counters. 

Where is the United baggage claim at BWI?

The baggage claim counter can be found at the lower level of the terminal at the BWI Airport. It is easily accessible from all the different concourses. Customers and passengers can call the BWI United Airlines phone number that is mentioned above for any related queries or issues. You will get optimal guidance and help. 

What is the phone number for the Baltimore Airport baggage claim?

If you have been waiting for longer than usual to get your checked baggage at the airport, you can call the BWI baggage claim phone number for any information or issues. Its number is 410-859-7387.

How many terminals are at BWI?

There are a total of 5 terminals at Baltimore Washington International Airport. Out of these 5, 4 terminals handle domestic flights. In contrast, one terminal is dedicated to handling international flights. Different airlines operate their flights at different concourses and gates. 

How do I contact BWI for a luggage claim?

Did your checked baggage take longer than expected to reach you? If yes, you can fill out the baggage claim form online to report this incident. Otherwise, you can directly reach the baggage claim counter, and the representative will hand you the baggage claim form that you have to fill out and submit there. 

What time does BWI security open?

The security checkpoint at the airport opens at 4 in the morning. BWI Airport ensures customers' as well as airport staff's safety and thus observes strict frisking at the airport entrance. Objectionable objects are prohibited, and any violations receive punishments. You can also call BWI security phone number 866-289-9673.

What is the average BWI security wait time?

The wait time at BWI Airport is not long. The airport authority observes smooth functioning, and thus the wait time is almost negligible. The average wait time, including baggage check-in and security, is 3 minutes at BWI Airport. 

What is the phone number for the BWI baggage service office?

BWI Airport leaves no stone unturned to deliver optimal services to customers. Its baggage services are also top-notch. Passengers seldom report any issues regarding baggage at this airport. However, if any issue still arises, you can get them solved by calling its baggage service phone number, i.e., 410-859-7021. 

What is the phone number for BWI lost and found?

Losing or misplacing baggage has been quite a common affair at airports and in airplanes. As a solution to this, airports have a Lost and Found department that handles such issues and helps passengers to get their belongings back. If you lose any of your belongings at BWI Airport, you can call BWI Airport lost and found phone number to report it and get their help. The number you have to call is (410) 859-7387. Another method is an email to maalostandfound@bwiairport.com to report any lost items. 


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