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How do I contact United Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW)?

The Detroit International Metro airport services 39 US states and 30 foreign locations. In addition, The Wayne County Airport Authority manages the airport with two terminals, six runways, and 129 active gates. The Detroit Metropolitan Airport's maintenance facilities can maintain and repair aircraft. Also, if you are looking for how to contact them, you will get information about reaching United Airlines Detroit Airport swiftly.

Call at United Detroit Aiport phone number

  • You can directly speak to the agent by calling the united airlines Detroit metro airport phone number 1-802-856-8331 or 1 (800) 864-8331 or (313) 404-7622.
  • United Detroit Airport office address: You can reach the office at this address 11050 W. G. Rogell Dr. #602, Detroit, MI 48242, United States.
  • Detroit phone number: You can ask anything about the booked flight information by calling the Detroit metro airport customer service number, (734) 247-7678 
  • Email the Detroit person: You can also speak to the customer service person by emailing UnitedAirlines@united.com. 

LinkedIn: also you can speak to the agent by connecting with united Airlines through LinkedIn. To reach there, you must visit this web link, https://www.linkedin.com/company/united-airlines

Visit the website: For more information, you must look at the site https://www.united.com/en/us.

Pinterest: speak to the agent via Pinterest by visiting the site https://www.pinterest.com/united/

YouTube: To contact the agent at YouTube, visit this web link, https://www.youtube.com/UNITED

Twitter: the Airline has a link with Twitter, so to visit, view this link https://twitter.com/united

Facebook: In addition, you can directly speak to the United person by reaching out the Facebook, so; the link is https://www.facebook.com/United

What terminal is United Airlines at Detroit Metro Airport?

United Airlines is cited on Terminal N and Evans Terminal at the Detroit Metro Airport.

Where do I pick up domestic arrivals at DTW?

You can pick up the Detroit metro airport united airlines arrivals from the North Terminal.

How do I contact TSA at Detroit Metro Airport?

You can contact the TSA at Detroit Metro Airport by dialing the Detroit metro airport security phone number (866) 289-9673. So, by calling the TSA person, you can ask anything about Transportation Security.

Where do you park at DTW for United Airlines?

You can park at North Terminal at DTW for United Airlines.

How early should I arrive at Detroit Metro Airport?

If you are looking for how early you should arrive at the Detroit Metro Airport, so, for domestic flights, it is a must to reach the office 90 minutes before a domestic flight and 120 minutes before flying the flight. 

What is the DTW United baggage claim number?

For making a baggage claim at DTW United, you need to call the agent, but you don’t know the Detroit metro airport baggage claim phone number. So, the number is (734) 942-3669. 

Where is baggage claim DTW?

The baggage claim at DTW airport is located behind Carousel 3.

What is the phone number for DTW United lost and found?

If you lose something at the airport and are seeking what is the Detroit airport lost and found phone number to report this. So, the number is (734) 942-3669. Thus, calling the airport person for a lost item will help you find it and attain it within 21 days.

Baggage services: To take information about Baggage services, you must call the agent at (734) 442-5713/14. https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/baggage/delayed.aspx

Website- https://www.united.com/en/us

Flight status- To know about the flight status, it is requisite to visit the page https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/baggage/delayed.aspx

Contact us- moreover, you can contact the United Airlines person through this site https://www.united.com/en/us/customercare

Check-in- to make a check-in, go to this site, https://www.united.com/en/us/checkin

How do I call Detroit airport?

Moreover, you can directly call united airlines Detroit metro airport and speak with the agent thoroughly for taking another service that is:

Taking any baggage-related services- call 1-800-221-6903 and  1-800-335-2247
Fire Department: (734) 942-3601
For general issues- 800-864-8331 and 800-538-2929
Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW): (734) 247-7678
Wi-Fi Support: (800) 826-4646
Fraud, Ethics & Compliance Hotline: (888) 447-8643 
Airport Lost & Found: (734) 942-3669
Media Line: (734) 247-7379
Police Non-Emergency: (734) 942-222
TSA Center: (866) 289-9673
United Lost and found- 1-866-289-9673 
Noise Hotline: (734) 942-3222
Hearing impaired services- 1-800-323-0170
Parking Information & Assistance: (800) 642-1978
Procurement: (734) 247-7900
U.S. Customs & Border Protection: (734) 941-6180
Lost & Found TSA: (734) 942-3126

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