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How do I contact United John Wayne Airport?

While traveling with United Airlines, the passengers may have queries regarding baggage claims, special assistance, or something else. Passengers want their issues to be solved in the finest way. You can contact the customer service representative by calling United Airlines john wayne airport phone number 1-800-864-8331, and they will aid you by answering all your questions.

What Terminal is United Airlines at John Wayne Airport?

All the flights of United Airlines fly out from Terminal B at John Wayne Airport. Although  United Airlines john wayne airport terminal is fixed, sometimes due to air traffic, the terminal may change. You can contact the customer service representative to check the flight departure terminal before visiting the airport. 

How early do you need to be at the SNA airport?

You can arrive at SNA Airport at least 3 hours before the flight departure time. The time for check-in depends on the flight on which the passengers have made the reservation.

What is the phone number for John Wayne Airport security?

If you need assistance regarding security, then you can contact United airlines john wayne airport agent by dialing the number 949-252-5200. The representative will help you with your issues.

How long before a flight should I arrive at John Wayne Airport?

The check-in time is depending on the flight through which the passengers are traveling, as per described below:

  • For the domestic flight, the passengers must make the check-in approximately 2 hours 45 minutes before the departure of the flight, and it will close 30 minutes before the flight departure time.
  • The passengers who have a reservation on the international flight need to check in at least 4 hours before the flight departure time, and it will close 1 hour before the departure.
  • For further assistance, you can get in touch with john wayne airport customer service, and they will solve your queries in the best way possible.

Where do you check in at John Wayne Airport?

The check-in terminal depends on the airline through which the passengers have booked the flight ticket. There are various terminals are as per listed below:

Terminal A
Terminal B
Terminal C

What time does the ticket counter open at SNA?

The time for the ticket counter at SNA Airport is from 4:45 AM to 6:45 PM. You can book a flight ticket to your desired destination during operating hours.

How do I contact the TSA SNA?

If you want to apply for the TSA PreCheck-in at SNA Airport, you need to dial john wayne airport tsa phone number at 855-347-8371. You can also use the online process for TSA. The steps you must follow are as per mentioned below:

  1. Go to the official website of SNA Airport.
  2. Drop down the page and tap on the option TSA PreCheck.
  3. Select www.TSA.gov, and it will take you to the next page.
  4. You can follow the instructions and apply for TSA PreCheck.

How long does it take to get through TSA at John Wayne?

The wait time for TSA PreCheck-in at John Wayne Airport varies from terminal to terminal.

Terminal A: TSA PreCheck-In: 4-5 minutes.
Terminal B: TSA PreCheck-In: 2-3 minutes.
Terminal C: TSA PreCheck-In: 3-4 minutes.

Where is the baggage claim office at John Wayne Airport?

The baggage claim office at John Wayne Airport is available at Terminal A, B, and C at the lower level. You can visit there for your baggage claim. If you still need assistance, then you can get in touch with the customer service representative by using the john wayne airport baggage claim phone number that is available on the official website.

What time does the TSA open at SNA?

The TSA PreCheck-in is open at 5 AM at SNA Airport, depending on the first flight, and closed about 10:30 PM after the last flight.

Where is the TSA PreCheck office at SNA?

The TSA PreCheck office at SNA Airport is located at Terminal C at the arrival level and near the Baggage Carousel 7. The office is open from Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 3 PM. You can enroll in TSA PreCheck by visiting the office during working hours, or you can also apply through the online process.


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