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How do I contact United Missoula Airport?

Imagine you have booked your flight with United Airlines and you have chosen Missoula Airport for departure. While completing the travel itinerary, you found out that you haven't booked a special assistant, and that is why you have to contact the United airline's Missoula airport agent. So, for that, there are a few methods we have mentioned. You can read them out. 

United Airlines missoula mt phone number 

United Airlines Missoula Airport provides the call option that can be used to connect with them as they will provide the best surveillance over call and make your journey memorable. While calling, you need to perform some IVR carefully, and after that, you will be able to speak with the representative. The number of those are mentioned below. You can note them down.

United Airlines missoula airport phone number

1 (800) 864-8331

Missoula Airport phone number

(406) 728-4381

United airlines missoula office address

There is also an option that you can write a handwritten letter to the customer service agent and send it through the local mail. You can also directly visit them and clear out your confusion. Or you should have a proper address if you have to visit there to catch your flight. For the address, you can look at the information mentioned below. 

5225 W Broadway St, Missoula, MT 59808

Airport code: MSO

United Airlines missoula social media

Social media is something that we use in our daily life, so if you have to connect with a customer service agent, then you can speak to them by using the social media of United Airlines. Here you will get all the information regarding your travel query. And to reach out there directly, you can click on the link below. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/united/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/united/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/united/

What Terminal is United at MSP?

If you have a confusion about  United Airlines Missoula airport terminal, they use terminal 1 for departure and arrival. You can directly go there and complete the rest of the formalities, or we also suggest you check it once because due to faults at the Airport, the Airline's terminal changes too. 

What time does the TSA open at Missoula Airport? 

TSA opens 2 hours before your scheduled departure, and they stay open until the last flight at the Airport. You can also contact them by using the Missoula tsa phone number. After calling, you need to go through some IVR formalities, and after that, you can speak with the customer service agent from whom you can clear your security doubts. 

How early should I get to the Missoula airport?

If the passengers have to catch a domestic flight, then they have to reach at least two hours before the departure, and for an international flight, you need to reach three hours before the departure. For any doubts, you can call at Missoula airport phone number, and they will clear all your related confusion. 

What time does security open at Missoula Airport?

For both international and domestic departures, the security desk opens at least two hours before the departure and stays open till the last flight at the Airport. For any queries, you can use the Missoula airport customer service number, and the Airport authorities will let you know about all the security doubts, and you can reach the Airport tension free. 

How many gates does Missoula airport have?

Missoula Airport has six gates that counter 12 Airlines, two baggage carousels, and 11 self-service kiosks.  

Where is lost and found at MSP airport?

For the lost and found at the Missoula Airport, passengers need to reach Terminal 1 velvet level, which is located at the level in the middle of the Terminal. You can collect your lost baggage from there, or you can submit it if you find something. 

How can I contact MSP Airport lost and found?

It is possible that you have lost something precious at the Airport premises, so for that, you can use the Missoula Airport lost and found contact number, which is 612-726-5141. After making a call to this number, there will be some IVR that you have to go through, and after all that, you can speak with the customer service agent. Or you can claim it through the online process, and for that, you can click on the link mentioned below. 


So, I hope your confusion is cleared by the above-mentioned information. For any doubts, you can visit the United Airlines or Missoula Airport website and get all the other information from there.

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