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How do I contact United Spokane International Airport?

United Airlines flights operate from various airports. Spokane International Airport is one among them. If you want to know about your flight terminal, then you can reach customer care services. 

If you are looking for information to approach and information to contact United Airlines at Spokane International Airport using the Spokane County airport customer service number, then you must utilize the curated information provided below. You can get in touch by using different communication mediums, a description of which is given below. 

Contact United Airlines at Spokane International Airport:

  • United Airlines Spokane Airport customer service number: 1-800-864-8331
  • Spokane International Airport phone number: 509-455-6455
  • Spokane International Airport code: GEG
  • United Airlines official website: https://www.united.com/en/us
  • Email address: info@spokanneairports.net
  • Parking phone number:  509-455-6457
  • Lost and found: 509-455-6455
  • TSA Phone number: 866-289-9673

Mailing Address

9000 West Airport  Drive, Suite #204
Spokane, WA 99224

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Different communication mediums to get through United Airlines at Spokane International Airport:

Call Spokane International Airport customer services: 

The best communication medium that provides live assistance to customers is connecting by phone. To use this approach, customers must dial United Airlines Spokane airport phone number: 509-455-6455, followed by carefully obeying the instructions given by an automated voice to finally receive assistance from a live customer care representative. 

Send a letter to Spokane International Airport: 

Some issues can only be reported by writing and sharing. If you also want to share your concern by writing, then you must always remember to attach the supporting documents and send them to the official postal address: 

Spokane International Airport 
9000 W. Airport Dr., Suite 204
Spokane, WA 99224

Use social media platforms to receive immediate information: 

Social media platforms are a boon for such customers who wish to get information immediately about their flight or want to post feedback after their journey. They can draft and send messages or post their concerns on the following social media platforms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/United/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/united/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/united

What terminal does United Airlines use at the Spokane airport?

If you wish to travel via Spokane Airport via United Airlines and you want to know about operating terminals, then you must know United Airlines uses Concourse B of the airport. Even though the flight terminals are fixed for different airlines, sometimes, due to emergencies, the terminals are changed at the last moment. Therefore it is advisable that customers contact customer care services to gather information about United Airlines Spokane airport terminal; they can also get the information from the official website of Spokane Airport. 

What time do the ticket counters open at the Spokane airport?

Ticket counter opening time at Spokane International Airport depends upon different airlines. United ticket counters operate from 9 am to 5 pm. 

How early do I need to arrive at Spokane Airport?

If you do not wish to get stuck in a security check or baggage check-in queue, then it is advisable that you must report to the airport early. Now you must be wondering how early you must arrive. So the answer is if you are boarding a domestic flight, you are expected to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight. On the other hand, if you have booked tickets for international destinations, you must take an approximate margin of 3-4 hours. You must also track the status of your flight to know the exact situation. You can contact the GEG airport agent to get information about your flight running status.

Where is the baggage claim at the Spokane airport?

The baggage claim is situated on the ground floor of the main terminal. 

What time does the TSA open at Spokane Airport?

TSA at Spokane International Airport opens at 8.30 am. 

What are the hours of operation for GEG?

GEG Airport is open 24/7, and the check-in counters and customer care service timings vary according to flight departures. The check-in counters open 1 hour before the first flight departure and remain 30 minutes before the last flight. Whereas reservation counters operate from 9 am to 5 pm. 

What airlines are serving Spokane International Airport?

The following airlines are serving Spokane International Airport:

Alaska Airlines
Allegiant airlines
American Airlines
Delta airlines
United Airlines

How do I contact GEG airport baggage claim?

If you wish to claim your lost bag, then you must dial the Spokane airport baggage claim phone number 509-455-6455 and gather information about your luggage. 

How do I contact Lost & Found at the Spokane airport?

To contact the lost and found department at Spokane Airport, customers must dial Spokane Airport lost and found contact number: 509-455-6455, and when the call gets answered by a live representative, they can report their lost property. 

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