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If you booked a flight with Delta Airlines and have a change of plan, delta airlines provide the following options to refund your money. Before going through the process of cancellation and Delta Airlines refund policy, please check and confirm if your ticket is a refundable ticket. In case you purchased your tickets through an agency, please directly request the agency to cancel your tickets and secure your refund money for you.

The process to get a refund from Delta Airlines

Your ticket could either fall under the category of a refundable ticket or a non-refundable ticket. Based on the category, follow the given delta airline refund process.

Delta Airlines refund process for non-refundable flights

  • Please cancel your Delta flight ticket prior to departure (If not, then tickets will not hold any value)

  • Log in and go to "My Trips".

  • Select the trip you need to cancel.

  • Select the 'Cancel Flight' button and follow the steps.

  1. In some cases, Delta Airlines applies a cancellation charge, and this is deducted from the ticket cost. The remaining value, if any, is provided as eCredit. Under the following categories, a full refund is possible.

  2. Cabin tickets and tickets which have a higher value for flying within the USA, Puerto Rico, and USVI AND purchased after 31st August 2020.

  • For travelers originating from North America to anywhere in the world and purchased after 9th December 2020.

  • Main Cabin and higher tickets for travel between the Caribbean and the U.S. or Mexico

  • Basic Economy tickets are excluded.

Delta Airlines refund process for refundable flights

If you are sure that your ticket falls under the category of a refundable ticket, you can apply for a delta airlines refund request following the given steps.

  • Cancel your ticket before departure time.

  • Log in and go to "My Trips."

  • Select the flight you need to cancel.

  • Click on 'Modify Flight.'

  • Click on 'Start Flight Cancellation.'

  • Cancel your trip.

The refund would be processed to the original payment method if your ticket was purchased with cash, credit card, or check.

Fill Delta refund request form for cancellation and get a refund

  1. Visit the Delta Airlines official website and go to the "need help tab" on the top of the page. https://www.delta.com/

  2. In the subcategory, choose "help center."

  3. At the bottom of the page, click on the "refund request and status help" option.

  4. Click on the "cancel a flight button" on the page.

  5. You will be redirected to the "Find your trip" page.

  6. Enter your confirmation number, card number, and ticket number. Follow the direction to cancel your ticket.

  7. Or you can directly visit https://www.delta.com/contactus/iropForm.

  8. You will be provided with two options, cancel ticket and refund option.

  9. Cancel your flight to receive a credit if you no longer wish to travel and have not done so yet.

  10. Once you have an eCredit, if your flight has been significantly delayed or canceled by Delta, you may return to the same Cancel and Refund Form to request a refund.

  11. Choose the option and proceed.

  12. Or you can cross the pop-up and fill out the form.

  13. Fill in the required details: contact information, ticket information, flight information, and reason for the request.

  14. Tick the checkbox for terms and conditions and submit the form.

How long does Delta Take to refund?

  • Delta Airlines takes 7 business days to refund for domestic credit/debit card purchases.
  • The refund may take up to 2 billing cycles before being reflected on a credit/debit card statement.
  • Tickets purchased with cash or check will be processed typically within 20 business days.
  • Credit will be added to your account on delta.com and can also be retrieved using your ticket number within seven business days.

For further information related to Delta Airlines refund, you can also contact customer representative by dialing 1 (800) 221-1212 and ask your queries or issues.


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