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What is Enterprise return policy?

  • You will not be charged any extra money for returning the car early and in fact, you will be charged lesser than the money you would have been charged had you used the vehicle for the full-time period of the rent.

  • You will only be charged for the vehicle for the number of days you had it with you and used it. If you want to return a rental car early Enterprise and if you return the vehicle before the time duration that you borrowed it for from Enterprise, the total amount charged to you will decrease significantly.

  • You should note that if the Enterprise location is closed when you try to return the car you will have to return it to the store after the business hours are over; called ‘after hours.’ The vehicle will not be checked by the employees of Enterprise for damages and cleanliness until the next business day when the operating hours will resume and until then the customer will remain responsible for the vehicle.

Can you return a rental car early Enterprise?

Yes, you can return a rental car early to Enterprise. If you have to return a car early then the charge is lesser than the money you would have been charged had you used the vehicle for the full-time period of the rent.

Enterprise late rental car return policy

Enterprise gives a 29 minute grace period for daily rentals. This is a part of their Enterprise late rental car return policy. This means that if someone rents a car for one day and returns it to Enterprise later than the stipulated time, they will be given a grace period of 29 minutes and if they return it within the time period of 29 minutes after the stipulated time they will not be charged any extra amount.

However, if they return the car to Enterprise after 29 minutes they will be charged according to the hourly charges of that particular car.

Does Enterprise have a late fee?

Enterprise does not have a direct Enterprise late fee but if someone returns a car 2 and a half hours after they rented it on a subsequent day they will be charged a late fee in the form of an entire additional day of charges.

Do I have to clean the rental car before returning it to Enterprise?

During times of COVID-19, Enterprise is taking extra steps to sanitize and clean all of their vehicles. While they don’t expect customers to sanitize and clean the vehicles themselves after renting them, they do expect them to return the vehicles in the same neat and clean condition in which they were when they were rented.

So if the customers have spilled some food or beverages on the car seats or have driven the car through a muddy road it is best to clean it themselves in order to avoid the cleaning charges by Enterprise.


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