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There is no doubt that at Etihad Airways, the passenger will always get the utmost services for the sheer comfort and luxuriousness while you are on board. Further selecting a seat on Etihad Airways will be an advantage for the passengers, and you can choose a seat as per your preference at the time of booking or after that too. But, to get Etihad airways seat selection, you will have to read this section before departure, and you will gain all the information regarding seat selection services.

Guidelines for seat selection on Etihad Airways

  • You have the option to select a seat once you have confirmed your reservation with Etihad Airways. https://www.etihad.com/

  • Ahead of selecting the seat at the time of booking, you have to move towards "manage booking". 

  • Then enter the ticket reference number along with your last name to get your booking. 

  • Once you tap over the find my booking option, you will have the details on your screen.

  • After this, you have to tap over the flight you want to choose a seat for and then on the seat selection option. 

  • Next, on the page, you have to make an appropriate choice in the seat from the given option and locate the seat map.

  • Now, after you choose the seat from the map then, proceed ahead.

  • Further, if you are eligible for the payment, then you need to complete the seat selection by selecting the online payment mode.

  • At last, once the payment is complete, you will have a confirmation email with seat selection details.

How much cost to select a seat on Etihad Airways?

If you have to select a seat on Etihad Airways, you might have to pay the Etihad airways seat selection fee because it's becoming quite common that many airlines have now started to charge for seat selection. Further, the price for seat selection is often around $10 to $30 per seat per flight segment, and now in case you cave in and pay for that thus, it can add up quite quickly. Although if you act on seat selection within 24 hours before the flight, then it is free from check-in, fees will be charged for seat selection made earlier than this effectively.

Etihad airways seat selection policy

If you want to know about Etihad Airways seat selection policy, go through this section write-up below and find the most appropriate information on Etihad Airways policy.

  1. As per Etihad Airways seat selection policy, if a passenger cancels a flight ticket within 24 hours of purchase, then you need not pay any fee for selecting a seat

  2. But, if you crossed the free time zone, then you will have to pay the seat selection fee as per your seat preferences

  3. Lastly, if there is seat availability on Etihad airways, you will be charged for selecting a seat per your class, etc.

Do I have to pay for seats on Etihad?

Yes, travelers have to pay for the seats they select on Etihad Airways. Still, the fee charged on your seat selection is entirely dependent on your seat selection type and more on the availability of seats that you wish to procure on Etihad Airways.

Does Etihad have free seat selection?

Yes, Etihad Airways provides you with the option to select a seat as per your preference and free of cost if you do so within 24 hours of booking because it's a free time zone provided to every customer.

What is the difference between economy Standard and economy space on Etihad?

The significant difference between economy standard and economy space will be increased within the legroom. In addition, economy space features an increased seat pitch of up to 36 inches, which is 5 inches more than what Etihad offers in their standard economy seats.

What are the preferred seats on Etihad Airways?

The preferred seat on Etihad Airways is one of the latest options provided to passengers to enhance guests' experience onboard. Adding to this, a specific amount of fee will be charged to guarantee select seats in front of the Economy cabin class. Finally, the preferred seats can generally get booked up to 24 hours before departure. 

How much is a residence seat on Etihad Airways?

The residence seat on Etihad Airways would cost passengers around $38000, which is a much higher price than the average seat fare because Etihad's infamous residence, which is a private cabin that includes a bedroom, lounge, private bathroom, etc. However, you must contact Etihad customer service agents to know about the actual amount for residence seats. 

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