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How do I correct the passenger name on the EVA Air ticket?

Suppose you have made a booking with EVA Air, and later you find out that you have misspelled your name and you decide to make a name correction on the Eva Air ticket. Follow the two different ways that will assist you in changing your name on EVA Air:

Through official website

Name correction on Eva Air ticket online

If you want to correct the name on the EVA Air ticket that you have unintentionally misspelled and causing you certain issues with this, then you can follow certain steps that are mentioned below; please go through the following points:

  • Visit the official website of EVA Air. https://www.evaair.com/
  • Go to the “Manage” section and press on “View My bookings.” to continue with the process.
  • Then, you have to find your flight, and there only you will have the option to change your name. (always remember you can not make EVA Air name correction wholly, but you can change a few letters of your name.)
  • Once you correct your name on the ticket the airline will send you a ticket confirmation email on your registered email id.

Contact Eva Air customer service

Apr]art from the online method you can also change the passenger name on the Eva Air ticket by contacting the customer service executive. Please dial 1 (800) 695-1188 (toll-free) and directly speak to the service operator to change the name on the flight ticket.

What is the Eva Air name correction policy?

Before correcting your misspelled name on EVA AIR, then you must be aware of the Eva air name correction policy that will ultimately assist in saving from any penalty that can be imposed by the airline. Some of the important points below that will assist you:

  1. As far as the policy is concerned, you are not permitted to change your full name, but you can only make changes to some of the letters of your name. And this may let you pay some additional cost.
  2. If you have misspelled your name, then you are allowed to make changes only once.
  3. If you have changed your name legally, then you have to present your valid documents to the airlines.
  4. If you have made mistakes in your name and are not matching with your Government ID proof, then you will not be allowed to check-in.
  5. EVA Air's name change policy says if you change your name within 4 hours of booking, no fee will be charged by the airline.
  6. If you make modifications after 4 hours of your bookings, then you will have to incur a fee as prescribed by the airlines.

How much is the EVA Air name change fee?

  • You may have to incur USD 50 to make any amendment to your name. (always remember you are allowed to make changes for once only.
  • There is no separate advantage for children or infants for Eva air change the name on the ticket.
  • The prices to change a name on EVA Air flight tickets may vary from time to time; however, unlike other airlines, this airline has a very flexible name change policy, so no customer experiences any issues, and they become aware of the EVA Air name change policy.
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