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Travelers can file refunds for canceled flights with Eva Air. There are two distinct modes available for getting refunds from the airline. You can either start by speaking with the customer service department or can fill in the details of the online refund request form available on the official website of Eva Air.  You can request a refund by following the below-mentioned steps: 

The process to get a refund from Eva Air

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official Eva air website. https://www.evaair.com/en-global/index.html

  • After that log in to your account.

  • You must go to the "Plan & Book/Book" and click on the "Refund Application/Enquiry" option. https://booking.evaair.com/flyeva/eva/b2c/refund-application-login.aspx?lang=en-global

  • Fill in all the required details on the refund request form such as "Ticket Number/EMD Number", "Last / Family Name" and "First /Given Name", then continue.

  • Once you submit the form and you will receive a refund reference token number on your registered email id. Keep this in handy for future reference purposes or navigate through the refund status of your canceled flight with Eva air. 

For further information, you can dial Eva Air customer service number 1 (800) 695-1188 and speak with an executive about refunds related queries. They will guide you as far as refunds are concerned. 

How long does it take to get a refund from Eva Air?

If the payment is done by credit card, Eva Air provides a refund back within 7 working days. If you want to get a refund in cash and check payments, it will take 20 days after receiving a complete refund request.  

Eva Air refund policy

Travelers must make sure that they have understood the inclusions of the Eva Air refund policy to get a smooth experience with flight cancellations. Passengers must go through the refund policy and the key pointers of the policy are as follows:

  1. A refund request is only applicable for a refundable flight fare reserved with the airline. 

  2. Passengers will get refunds upon successful cancellation of tier flights with the airline. 

  3. Future travel credit is released for reservations made under the non-refundable flight's fare category with the airline. 

  4. The refund amount is calculated after a deduction of the cancellation charge levied on the flight canceled at Eva air. 

  5. Refunds are available to the person whose name will be mentioned on the ticket. In case, another person paid for your ticket, proper documentation is needed. 

  6. The refund currency will be similar to the purchase currency. For instance, if you purchased in USD, the refund will be released in USD only.


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