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You may require to extend the car rental duration for many reasons. If you have booked a car from Hertz, then you can easily extend Hertz car reservation and enjoy your journey. If you want to know the process to extend Hertz car rental, you can check below mentioned points.

Simple process to extend Hertz rental reservation

  • You have need to visit the official website of Hertz or click on the mentioned link that will redirect to you on "Extend your rental" webpage. https://extensions.hertz.com/index.html

  • Now you have enter "Rental Record Number" and "Last 4 of Driver's License Number" and find it.

  • Now you have to modify or extend Hertz booking hours.

Extend Hertz rental by contacting Rental Extensions department

To extend your Hertz car rental, you can call Hertz Rental Extensions department at 1-800-654-4174 or +1-802-277-5288, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

  1. Dial the Hertz extension  phone number 1-800-654-4174.
  2. Provide the confirmation number of your rental agreement
  3. Confirm the duration you want to take the extension for.
  4. After a few minutes, you receive a confirmation email with your extended version. There may be some additional charges applied on the extension that you can check below.

How much does it cost to extend Hertz rental?

When you make a booking with Hertz, you get a 12 hour grace period. If you get late to return the car and notify customer support about it, You need to pay $10 as Hertz extend rental fee. However, if you fail to notify Hertz executives about the delay, you need to pay $12 per day as a late fee.

What happens if you keep a rental car an extra day Hertz?

You get 59 minutes as a grace period to return the Hertz rental car. If you fail to return the car on time, you need to pay 1/5th of the daily rate on your booking. Once you exceed the limit of 5 hours after the grace period, you need to pay a full day charge depending on your booking.

Can I keep my rental car longer Hertz?

Yes. You can keep Hertz for a longer duration, but you need to notify the customer service representative before delaying the return. Also, the extended fees apply to you after a certain time.

Does Hertz charge for additional hours?

Yes. You need to pay one-fifth of the daily charges to extend the reservation to 5 hours. After that, you need to pay the full-day charges on our reservation.

Can someone else return my rental car Hertz?

As per the Hertz rental car extend reservation protocol, if you cannot return the car on time, you can ask someone else to return your car. The other person's name must be given on the rental agreement to avoid problems. They should carry the driver's license when returning the car.


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