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Suppose passengers have checked in to JetBlue Airways but want to have a seat selection for the journey. In such cases, travelers are unaware of ways to seat assignments. Usually, JetBlue sets the seat selection for the travelers at the time of check-in. But if passengers want to know the process of Jetblue seat selection, then they can follow the steps rendered by the airline. JetBlue Airlines is one of the covenant aviation chosen by many travelers to purchase flight tickets. To go through the seat selection procedure, follow the steps given below:

Easy steps to get a seat assignment on JetBlue

Often, travelers want manual procedures to go through the points to have a seat assignment independently. For those travelers, steps are mentioned in the down section:

The initial move is to sign in to the official website of JetBlue Airways through your devices.
Now search for the "manage booking" section on the website screen and tap on the option.
Enter the details of your flight tickets on the tab shown on the screen. 
The list will appear to select the options. Choose seat selection from the page, and a seat map will appear with the availability of the seats.
Select the seats that you want to reserve for your journey. Book the seats with the first and last names of the travelers. 
After that, enter the SSR number on the tab, and select the adjoining seat assignment. 
Pay the charges that are charged by the airline for the seat assignment.

How does JetBlue do seating?

When the travelers book their flight tickets with JetBlue Airways, the airline tries to assign the seats for the travelers before they have checked in for the flight. If there are changes that passengers want to make to their tickets and their seats, then the passengers can get assistance through the Jetblue seating options from the airport staff member and make the changes accordingly. Passengers can also contact the Jetblue customer service at 1-800-538-2583 to get information about the seat assignment and ask about the seat selection process. Passengers only have to place a call on their phone number and ask about the method to select the seat assignment. 

Note: If you want to get detailed information on Jetblue seat selection and policy, you can also click on the mentioned link.


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