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There are many reasons to cancel your booking with Sixt car rental. Moreover, if you need to request a refund from Sixt, you can go through the instructions explained below.

Step to request a refund from Sixt car rental

  • First of all, you need to go to the Sixt Car Rental website.

  • On reaching there, select the Manage Bookings tab at the top menu.

  • Next, you have to enter the Booking Number, Email Address and click Continue.

  • After that, you can see the booking details and cancel your car rental.

  • Follow the onscreen prompts and select the option to request a refund for cancellation.

  • You might get a message box to explain your reason for request a refund.

  • Please type your message in the given field and submit it.

  • In addition to this, you get the option to rebook a car on Sixt when you cancel your booking.

  • Lastly, you receive a confirmation for car booking cancellation on the registered email address.

But before you request a refund and get a refund from Sixt Rental Car, you must know its refund policy. So, to provide you with all details, here are a few points, go through them.

SIXT Refund Policy

SIXT has a determined refund policy defining all rules related to refund and using them as per your requirement. It is feasible to obtain the SIXT car rental refund policy to gain an advantage in obtaining a SIXT car rental refund. Anyone can obtain further details about this policy through the adequate usage of the SIXT customer service person.

  1. If you want to cancel your car rental, you must have a reservation number along with the security code.

  2. You get details about the reservation number and other information in the confirmation email that you receive after the booking process completion.

  3. As per the Sixt refund policy, it refunds your deposit amount after returning the vehicle, and it takes a maximum of 24 hours after handing over the car to the car rental service provider.

  4. You can cancel an online car rental before starting the rental. And if you apply for a refund, you need to face the cancellation fee.

  5. For a rental, less than three days, the prepaid amount is eligible for a full refund. However, for a rental of more than three days, the first three days won't get any refund.

How long does it take for Sixt to refund?

If you pay through a credit card, you receive the security amount within 24 hours of returning the rental. The same goes with the debit card. But sometimes, the bank takes around 3 to 5 days to credit the amount to the card whereas, the bank may take up to 10 working days to credit the amount to a debit card. In a nutshell, you may get a refund from Sixt Rental Car in a maximum of ten days under any condition.

How do I get my money back from SIXT?

Getting the money back from SIXT is quite easy as you can perform this task using the following three golden methods given here.

  • Move to the online resource and use the manage booking section to get your due money back from SIXT.

  • Please send an email to the SIXT support team and ask them to provide you with the additional details and assist you in getting your money back.

  • Contact the travel agent you used for making the reservation for the SIXT car rental and ask him to get the necessary money back after reducing all the due charges.


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