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If you have booked a flight direct from JetBlue Airline's official website, you can send a request to change the JetBlue flight date online with ease. In case you want to change a fight's date on JetBlue Airlines, you should understand the flight booking service and choose your previous date and time and click on the edit button where you can simply change a flight's date comfortably. Here, you are required to finish the JetBlue flight date change process by using the steps that are given here:

How to change flight date on JetBlue?

  1. In the beginning, you should navigate to the JetBlue airlines website through any web browser.

  2. After this, select the Manage Trips option from the header section and open this option.

  3. In the essential fields, enter the Confirmation Code and the Last Name of the passenger.

  4. Click on the Find Flight option and select the date change option to begin this process.

  5. Now, you only need to finish the flight date change process by entering the new flight schedule.

  6. Along with this, enter all the primary reservation details and go to the payment summary section.

  7. Here, you just need to pay the flight change fee and get its confirmation via email.

How can I change my JetBlue flight for free?

Yes, you can change your JetBlue flight for free and without paying any change fee. However, you need to qualify certain rules to make yourself eligible to attain this position that is given here.

  • Change within 24 hours of booking.
  • The Flight is canceled by JetBlue.
  • Change is made due to death or a medical emergency.

JetBlue Flight Change Policy

JetBlue flight change policy has been introduced to help the passengers whose flight is delayed from the Airlines side. Under this policy if JetBlue changed flight time then the Airlines will provide some extra waivers to the passengers.

Waiver according to the schedule change

If the change time is less than 60 minutes

  1. Rebooking options: If the schedule change is more than 60 minutes then the passengers can change their flight. The change is eligible for change charges if the delay is less than 60 minutes.
  2. Cancellation: If the delay is less than 60 minutes then there will be no additional cancel waiver. Ticket can be cancelled as per the cancellation policy of the JetBlue Airlines.

If the schedule change is more than 60 minutes but less than 119 minutes

  1. Rebooking option: If the flight schedules change is more than 60 minutes but less than 119 minutes then the Airlines will book a ticket for the same destination or any co-located city for the same day or the next day of the original flight. Under this JetBlue changed flight time all the change flight charges are waived.
  2. Cancellation: The customers can cancel their ticket without paying any charges under this JetBlue changed flight time. But the ticket amount will not be refunded. Instead of providing a refund the ticket will be changes into an OPEN ticket which can be used within one year of the actual purchase.

If the change time is 120 minutes or more than that

  1. Rebooking option: If the schedule change is more than 120 minutes then the Airlines will provide another flight ticket for the same destination. It can be before, after or on the same day of the original flight. In this change the change fee and the difference in the fare will be waived by the Airlines.
  2. Cancellation: The customers can cancel their ticket without paying any charges and are eligible for a full refund through the original payment method. They can also put their ticket on OPEN status for a year from the actual purchase date.

JetBlue same day flight change policy

Jet blue offers a flexible same day change and cancellation service. One can change their flight on the same day depending on some factors. You can go through the information below to understand JetBlue same-day change policy.

For blue basic fare, if the booking is made before 7th June, there cannot be any change. If a booking is done after 8Th June same day switches can be made with additions charge without fare difference charge.

For basic, blue plus and Mint fare. Same day switches can be made by paying some additional charges without paying the fare difference. For blue extra, there are no charges and you can change it for free.

For True-blue Redemption and Jet Blue vacations booking Changes are not allowed for True-blue redemption booking, you can fully cancel your reservation online and can rebook a new fight at the current fare, depending on availability. Fares can only be changed unless not purchased. For JetBlue, vacations changes can be made by calling their number. In brief JetBlue same-day change policy is as below

  • Same day switch is available for all fare options

  • You can adjust your travel to earlier or later flights on the same day of the scheduled flight.

  • You must travel in the same city or out of nearby airports.

  • Jet blue same day flight switches can be done only on the day of travel, beginning at midnight.

  • If you have refundable fare you need not pay same day switch fee

  • Interline bookings can be eligible for same-day switches and can only be made by contacting JetBlue.

  • For mosaic members, there are no change fees apply.

How much does it cost to change a flight on JetBlue?

When it comes to change a Jetblue flight ticket online, JetBlue Airlines provides significant facility to make some important modification in your fight simply. If you want to change your flight online with JetBlue Airlines, you must be aware of its policy that would help you to know the actual cost to change a flight simply.

Hence if you don’t know that what does it cost to change a flight on JetBlue Airlines, you are required to read some important points listing down.

  • In case you have booked a domestic flight ticket online with JetBlue Airlines, to change a flight you might have to pay $75 to $200 per head.
  • Similarly, when you reserve a flight ticket online with JetBlue Airlines, to change a flight, you have to pay $100 to $300 per head.
  • In case you have crossed the limit of 24 hours before departure, you have to pay the amount approx $100 on both domestic and international flights simply.
  • Sometimes JetBlue Airlines offers various flight change fees to pay under $100 fare generally come from $100 to $149 per passenger.

If you want further help regarding the cost of a flight change on Delta Airlines, do contact our customer representative team at any time now.

Will JetBlue waive a change fee?

Absolutely right you can find a waive for a flight change fee if you are abiding by every terms and condition during a flight change. It is said that will JetBlue waive a change fee at the right time when you won't be charged or a cancellation fee for any JetBlue flights that are generally booked through the initial month. However, you can find waive for a flight change that can be made prior to scheduled departure for the difference in airfare effortlessly.

For further information regarding change your JetBlue flight date, you should directly talk to someone on JetBlue Airlines customer support or choose the JetBlue official mobile app to begin the flight change and accomplish it.


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