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How do I cancel a Hertz car rental reservation?

Hertz rental is an American car rental company which is based in Florida. Hertz rental is a company which provides its services to people all around the world. If under any given circumstances one has to cancel the reservation of Hertz rental, one can follow the below steps.

Steps to cancel Hertz car rental reservation - 1-802-317-8353

  • Changes must be done through hertz.com by simply using a modify/cancel option. Any changes in the reservation may directly impact the rental charges.

  • Do enter your booking details, and open your booking. One will see the 'Cancel booking button at the top of the "my booking page".

  • After clicking there, one has to write why one is willing to cancel the Hertz Rental Booking reservation and confirm the cancellation.

  • They will tell you how much you need to pay for the cancellation charges, and the representatives will cancel the reservation for you.

What is Hertz cancellation policy?

If one has to cancel their Hertz booking 24 hours or more before their pick-up time, they must pay a 50 dollar cancellation fee. Hertz cancellation entirely depends on the type of reservation one makes. Reservation generally falls into two categories. The following ways will tell you what Hertz's cancellation policy and how Hertz follows it.

Pay Later Reservation, Pay Now Reservation.

  1. If one has booked a "pay later" reservation without inputting any credit card information, one must pay a cancellation fee.

  2. On the other hand, choosing a "pay now" option to repay the reservation with a credit card comes with a cancellation fee

Pay later

You choose a" pay later" option when inputting your credit card information which does not come with cancellation fees.

Pay Now Reservation

Hertz offers the option to receive a discount when paying for the reservation in advance. This option does provide significant to all its customer's savings of the total amount of the rental. It is being believed these reservations are less flexible than the standard ones because one requires a fee to cancel when paying for Hertz rental in advance by clicking the "pay now" option, renters will be subject to a cancellation fee. You should make two changes for a prepaid reservation, and one will not receive any refunds for unused days once you pick up the car.

Does Hertz charge a cancellation fee?

If you have made reservations with Hertz car rentals and there is something that requires your immediate attention, then you have to go forward with canceling your rental. For this you have the following options available:

  • Online cancellations.
  • Overcall.
  • Using the Hertz car rental application.

Note: Hertz charges a cancellation fee when a person moves forward with a cancellation. Usually, the charges depend on how soon you cancel your car rental with Hertz.

On average the cancellation charges that are levied on rentee are as follows:

  1. If a person cancels the rental way before 24 hours to pick up, a 100 dollars fine is charged as cancellation.

  2. If a person cancels the rental within 24 hours of pickup, a 200 dollars fine is charged as cancellation.

  3. No cancellation charge is charged when a person cancels within 24 hours of making the rental request.

Can Hertz cancel my reservation?

Canceling your Hertz reservation is relatively easy. There are certain things that allow rentees to cancel their reservation for car rental at Hertz. For instance, you could stick to any of the below-mentioned ways for canceling your car rental at Hertz:

  • Utilize the official Hertz car rental application for all the desired modifications.

  • Get in touch with the customer service team in order to get details and assistance with your car rental cancellation.


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