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How do I change my flight date to Sun Country?

Sun Country airlines provide the facility to our passengers to reschedule a flight. You can do it yourself online by visiting the official website, at the airport, or by contacting the support agent. Please go through the mentioned ways to switch your Sun Country flight:

Change Sun Country flight online: 

Once you are confirmed that the trip has to be postponed, you can immediately change the Sun Country flight date conveniently through an online process. Please, follow the given steps to change flight quickly:

  • Go to the official website of Sun Country Airlines or log in from your phone app. https://www.suncountry.com/
  • Click on ‘My Trips’
  • Enter the reservation number and passenger's last name
  • See the booking details on the screen
  • Select the flight change option 
  • Choose the flight on your desired date and time
  • Make payment for the new flight for the change fee and fare difference
  • Complete the process and get confirmation from Sun Country in your email.

Contact Sun Country for a flight change

Usually, when a passenger changes a flight, assistance is required on a few queries regarding the fee, fare, and available flight options to the same destination. Therefore you can contact customer service to change the sun country ticket date  in the following ways:

You can call Sun Country customer service and request assistance to change the flight. Get connected with a customer service representative and choose from the flight options to switch sun country flight that will suit your date and budget. To contact Sun Country:

  1. Dial 651-905-2737
  2. Choose the flight change option from IVR and follow the instructions further to reschedule the flight
  3. Select the option for speaking to a Sun Country person for assistance.
  4. Share your booking details and travel itinerary
  5. Select a flight 
  6. Make the payment of the change fee and fare difference if required,
  7. The customer service person will complete the process and give you confirmation on the change of flight.

At the airport: You can also visit the airport counter to get help rescheduling your Sun Country plane ticket date. The airport staff can assist you to reschedule the flight if the need arises under an emergency.

By social media handles: If you cannot reach Sun country through the phone, a message can be sent from the social media page to get an immediate response from the airline. Try the following page:


Get through the Sun Country ticket change policy

  • Sun Country allows free change of tickets within the same day of booking. However, if there is a fare difference, the passengers will be liable to pay the amount.
  • You can change your ticket anytime before the scheduled flight's departure, a change fee will be charged in addition to the fare difference.
  • If it is a non-refundable ticket, the change fee will be slightly higher than the regular tickets.
  • If you have purchased a flex ticket, the flight can be changed anytime, free of cost.
  • For a same-day flight change, the destination cannot be changed, and it must be done three hours before the scheduled departure.
  • If the flight is changed for the airline’s fault, no change fee will be charged to the passenger.
  • Therefore the Sun Country ticket change policy must be considered strictly while rescheduling.

How much does it cost to change a flight to Sun Country?

When you change the booked Sun Country flight, a change fee is payable. To learn about flight change fees, please read the information given below:

  1. For a flight change 14- 59 days before departure - USD50 per ticket.
  2. For a flight change within 13 days before departure- USD 100 per ticket.

The mentioned sun country flight change fee may differ in some cases depending upon the time of the change and fare and class of the ticket.


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