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How do I speak to Air Antilles customer service?

If you are wondering how to speak Air Antilles customer service, follow the below-mentioned steps to get quick support from Air Antilles, you can also call on 0890 648 648 Air Antilles phone number which is available throughout the day. You can direct the below-shown steps to know more about it.

  • Go to the official Website of Air Antilles.

  • Next, click on the "contact us" option and you can see various numbers, including some unique numbers. However, unique numbers are those which is available for those who have a hearing impairment.

  • When you dial an Air Antilles phone number 0890 648 648, then you can easily connect with them and follow some instructions.

  • To choose language, you can press 1

  • To learn about the booking reservation process or even you can book tickets, Press 2

  • To proceed with the bookings process, yes, Press 3, if you are not interested, you can click press 4

  • Press 5 to choose the flyer program,

  • Press 6 to get a refund or know about the policy.

  • If you want to repeat the entire menu, you have to press 7

  • To cancel the call, you can press “0.” It is sometimes useful for repeating the menu, so you have to follow the instruction carefully.

How do I contact Air Antilles?

Air Antilles comes with extraordinary ways to get their customer to connect with them. If you are wondering which method can help you to contact Air Antilles customer service promptly, then you can direct any one of them mentioned below.

Ways to contact Air Antilles customer service person

Air Antilles Customer Service Phone Number

If you are looking for support from Air Antilles, then you can rely on the phone number 0890 648 648. It is a method that is quite famous for real-time assistance. Though you need to wait for the response during peak days and even to provide the best customer aid, they come up with call-back services.

Air Antilles customer support via live chat

Live chat is one of the best forms of communication method where you can interact with text messages. Here you are going to receive help through text, but the problems are dealt with similarly like a phone number. The major benefit of this is that you are going to opt for this at any moment of the day.

Air Antilles customer support via Email

Email is a different way to connect with people, it may take time to respond, but you can rely on this only when you are looking for long time solution. With this, you can share images and documents that let you describe the issue in a much better way.

Air Antilles customer support via the feedback form

If you have any kind of thought or you want to share your experience with flight, you can rely on the feedback form. It is quite similar to Email, but you can access this directly from the website.

These are the methods to speak to Air Antilles customer service. Based on the situation, you can rely on the Air Antilles service method. Make sure you analyze your problem first and then go with the methods; it will turn the process fast.


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