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The process to get a refund from EL AL and Refund Policy

EL AL is a secured airline in Israel and knows for the best policy and customer service. If have booked a flight ticket with the airline but due to unforeseen reasons want to cancel the flight and wish to get a refund from EL AL Israel Airlines, follow the easy ways to apply for a refund from the airline on your canceled tickets:

Ways to get a refund from EL AL  

Fill out the refund form:

Passenger who wants to get a refund on their canceled flight can fill out the EL AL refund form in the following steps:

  • Navigate through the website of EL AL. https://www.elal.com/
  • Go to the Services & Information option.
  • Click on Flight ticket cancellation ( consumer protection law).
  • To the EL AL refund request form, click on can be sent here.
  • Click on Choose a credit option.
  • Fill out the information, such as your name, electronic ticket number, and flight date, and then click on the Continue option.
  • On the next page, fill out the rest of the details related to your flight and then click on the Submit option.
  • Once the form is submitted, your EL AL refund request process will be initiated.

Contact EL AL Call Center 

Passengers can take the guidance of the customer representatives of  EL AL cancellation refund on a phone call that will help you to speak with the representative of EL AL as follows:

  1. Call Center - +972-3-977-1111 or Israel toll-free number 1800-800-677
  2. You will first hear the IVR phone process on the call. The instructions will lead you to talk to their customer service to help you in the refund process.
  3. Press 1 for the language.
  4. Press 2 to the Bookings and Reservations.
  5. Pres 3 to the Lost and Found department.
  6. Press 4 for the offers and packages.
  7. Press 5 for the comments and compliments.
  8. Press 6 to repeat these instructions.
  9. Press 9 to talk about the EL AL refund request from their representatives.
  10. As soon as you follow these instructions as instructed and press the key required to get in touch with them, you can ask them for a refund and apply for the same with their help.

What is the EL AL refund policy?

The refund policy of EL AL, according to the Israel Consumer Protection law, is as follows:

  • Suppose you have yet to purchase your ticket from the telephone service center and bought the same from the EL AL stores or the travel agent. In that case, the refund on EL AL refundable tickets is addressed according to the ticket conditions applied to them.
  • The refund requests for the canceled flights are initiated only for the flight tickets that are not used at all.
  • The passengers must contact the concerned party they have purchased their ticket for the partially utilized flights in one direction.
  • The handling fees issued by the telephone service center are not the subject of a refund.
  • In some scenarios, the EL AL refund policy may change.
  • The amount is refunded to the original credit card used for the payment.
  • The voucher or credit that you receive from EL AL is transferable.

How long does it take to get a refund from El Al?

The refund process is initiated as soon as you apply for it. However, it might take up to 14 days to reflect the amount in your bank account when you used your credit card to make the payment. For the rest of the payment modes, EL AL refund time can take a bit longer than usual. 

How do I contact EL AL customer service for a refund?

With the option to fill out a refund form, you can contact EL AL customer service to get a refund. Please go to the website of EL AL and look for the contact us option. As soon as you get this option, go to the customer service option to get their call center number, 1-800-223-6700. Call on this number and wait for their IVR response. Talk to them about EL AL Israel airlines refund request and get their assistance for the refund on your ticket.

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