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Hertz is known for providing its car booking services. It is an American-based car rental service. The customers often want to cancel the Hertz car rental booking and want to get a refund for the services. In case the customer wants to cancel the car and wants to get the refund from Hertz based on the refund policies when they cancel the reservation.

Steps to get a refund from Hertz car rental

  • Open the official website of Hertz using any web browser

  • Then on the current home page, you will see the option of customer support at the end of the web page.

  • Now you will see contact us at the bottom of the customer support tap on that option.

  • Now you will see the customer care helpline number is given on the web page, and you are required to dial the number.

  • After dialing the number, the customer needs to follow the IVR steps related to their issue.

  • Now the appropriate level of executive will be there to assist you, and now you can ask the executive to cancel your order and proceed with the request for the refund

  • The customer needs to pay some cancellation charges depends on the time of cancellation.

Hertz Refund Policy

It is seen that sometimes the customer may feel the need to return the car earlier. So for this, they need to know the refund policy of Hertz if the situation arises that makes the customer cancel the rented car. Below mention is the refund policy of Hertz.

  • If the customer returns the car before or earlier the time period, then Hertz will not refund a single penny of the amount. Customer is liable to pay the extra charges if they use the vehicle for a longer period.

  • If the customer cancels the car booking before use or before the service, then they are eligible to get a refund on payment of some cancelation charges subject to some conditions.

If the customer wants to know more about the hertz car rental refund policy, then they may talk to a real person at Hertz via various available modes depends on the customer choice.

How long does it take to get a refund from Hertz?

The major question of the customers after the approval of the cancellation application is how long does it take to get a refund from Hertz? So basically, the time duration of the refunded amount varies on the mode of payment, whether it is a credit card, debit card, or master/visa card. There are other factors on which the time duration of the refunded amount depends.

Factors on which the time to get refunded amount depends-

1. If the payment is Prepaid – In case the customer books the car online and uses the prepaid mode of payment. When they cancel the reservation, they can get the refund amount within 5 to 10 working days after the cancellation request is made and approved by the company. It is made to the account initially billed on payment of some cancellation charges or without payment of some cancellation charges depending on Hertz's cancellation policies.

2. If the payment is Postpaid – Hertz provides the option to book first and pay later option too. In that case, the customer needs to pay the amount after taking the services, and the customer has the option to cancel the booking at any time without payment of any cancellation charges or additional fees.

3. If the customer cancels in between- if the customer wants to cancel the reservation between the services, they need to pay some cancellation charges, and the refunded amount will be reflected in less duration.




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