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How do I get a refund if I cancel my JetBlue flight?

Getting a refund for a canceled flight is everyone's wish. JetBlue is well known for its flexible refund policy and if you ever cancel your airline tickets for any unforeseen reason, you don't need to worry. If you are not familiar with the JetBlue refund request process, the following steps will surely help you get your money back from JetBlue Airlines.

Request a refund from Jetblue through the official website 

The feasible way to get a refund from Jetblue is always considered to be via the airline's official website. And the further steps are given in points; please follow them carefully;

  • Once on the official website www.jetblue.com, tap on Manage Trips. 
  • Enter the PNR number, name, and other ticket details. 
  • From the list of flights, select the flights you wish to cancel.
  • Cancel your flight, and you will find a refund form, click on it. 
  • Give your entire ticket details, for example, the reason for cancellation, etc., and submit it. 
  • You are done with the process and will be sent a confirmation email. 

How long does it take for JetBlue to refund money?

The airlines take almost 10 to 20 days to get money back from Jetblue Airways. However, there can be some delays. You must get in touch with the executive of the airline to know the current refund status. 

Learn about the Jetblue Airlines Refundable & Nonrefundable Fare Policy

Refundable Fare Policy

  • Until your departure, you are permitted to make modifications to your flight (including a refund without deduction given on a canceled flight). However, these modifications are wholly dependent on the availability of flights. 
  • For JetBlue Vacations Package holders, refundable fare options may not be available. 
  • You can make rectifications in your name with this. 
  • If there are unused funds (after your departure), these points will be replaced with JetBlue Travel Credit. (Valid till next year from the date of booking). 

Nonrefundable Fare Policy

One is always required to be aware of the JetBlue non-refundable ticket policy as this may help you from any loss of your money in case of not utilizing the benefits on time, etc. So, below are the key points you must know; please give a look;

  • If, before a scheduled departure, no changes are made for any Blue, Blue Plus, Mint, Blue Extra, or nonrefundable ticket fare, the airline will secure the associated cost or charges. 
  • If any flight changes or modifications are made 1 day before your scheduled flight, the airline will impose certain charges. 
  • If you paid a Debit Memo ($50 service charge on a refund), no credits will be given to the travel agency's clients. 
  • You must get to the airline on their helpline number for further clarification.

How do get through with Jetblue for a refund?

The feasible way to get a refund from the airline is by contacting them through a phone call. And for that, you have to dial Jetblue refund contact number 1-800-538-2583, where a live agent is assigned who will look after refund-associated doubts. However, choosing an IVR is essential, and this can be done in the following way:

Press 0 to pick your regional language. 
Press 2 to schedule a flight.
Press 3 to cancel a reservation. 
Press 5 to lodge a lost & Found complaint. 
Press 7 to get a live person. 
Press # for other options.  

When can you ask Jetblue Airlines for compensation?

To get compensation from JetBlue, there are specific terms and conditions you must adhere to because sometimes the airline does not accept any compensation request from passengers in case of flight delays, cancellations, baggage loss, etc. Below are points that will guide you on when exactly you can request the airline for compensation:

  1. If your flight is delayed for some authentic reason by two or more hours than the prescribed timings, you will be given a refund or an alternative flight. 
  2. However, compensation is not initiated in case of valid flight delay incidents, for example, national emergencies, poor weather, etc. 
  3. The Jetblue refund processing time is around 7-10 days. In case of delays, reach out to the agent of the airline. 

How long does it take for JetBlue to refund points?

Suppose you made a Jetblue refund request; now you are curious to know how long the airline takes to process refund points to passengers so they can further utilize them in availing of JetBlue services. For that, the given facts will support you in every way; please look; 

  • As far as refund points are concerned, these can be given immediately or within 24 hours after filing a refund points request. 
  • However, there may be a little delay. In this circumstance, you must get to the operator of the airline.

What happens if I cancel a Jetblue flight within 24 hours?

If a cancellation of a flight is made within 24 hours, there are several advantages you can get; read out the given information:

  1. A full Jetblue refund money will be initiated to the account of the passenger. 
  2. The amount will be initiated to the original mode of payment. 
  3. The airline may charge a fee for canceling a flight (for nonrefundable ticket holders). 

How can I receive a refund from JetBlue Blue Basic?

The most preferred way to get the rebate is to fill up the form. Make certain that you have selected the refund form from the official website of Jetblue Airlines. Walk through the steps mentioned below

  1. Access the official website of Jetblue Airlines. 
  2. Mention in the search box  “Jetblue refund form.”
  3. Select the option of search. You’ll come across the direct link to the refund form. 
  4. Fill up the state, and then you need to attach the essential documents. 
  5. You need to attach the documents such as the Boarding pass, Photo ID. Then you can submit the form of refund. 
  6. Once you have attached the documents mentioned above, you’ll be able to submit the refund form. It is this easy to get the JetBlue blue basic refund. However, you need to ensure that you have read the policy before applying for a refund. 

Are JetBlue TrueBlue flights refundable?

Yes, the Jetblue TrueBlue flights are refundable. You only need to ensure that you have fulfilled the conditions mentioned in the policy. In that manner, you’ll be able to make your ticket completely refundable.

  • To make your ticket refundable, you need to ensure that you have canceled the access within twenty-four hours of the booking.
  • It is going to be helpful if you made sure that you made the booking seven days before the departure date.


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