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If there are any changes in your travel plan with Condor airlines due to unforeseen circumstances, then you have an option to rebook your Condor flight. You can follow the steps to rebook Condor flight:

Steps to rebook Condor flight ticket

  1. Firstly one has to visit the website to book their flight ticket and press the rescheduling option.

  2. Then one can change their round trip, or it can only change part of their booking and date.

  3. One cannot change the number of passengers in your details.

  4. In this step, one has to pay for the rebooking fees, which one be informed of right after selecting your reservation.

  5. One can easily rebook their flight up to 24 hours before departure.

  6. Flight can be easily rebooked within the same classes or fare categories.

  7. One can rebook their flight as many times as they want, but the charges apply every time one has rebooked their flights.

  8. By following the above-written methods, one can easily rebook their condor flights and get the reservation one requires.

Condor Airlines Rebooking Policy.

If you require to rebook your Condor Airlines flight due to several reasons such as illness. death of a family member or current scenario covid- 19, then follow the below Condor Airlines rebooking policy to reebok your reservation:

  • A passenger has to rebook their condor airlines reservation within 24 hours from the date of purchase of a ticket.

  • Condor Airlines from the date of fixed booking (the rebooking fees would be 10%).

  • Twenty-eight days before 15 days before departure, rebooking fees would be 25%.

  • Rebooking deadlines and fees may vary depending on group size, routes, and dates.

  • Rebooking tickets from original higher fare departure dates to lower fares departure dates is only possible at the actual ticket price.

How much does it cost to rebook Condor flights?

  1. At times passengers have to rebook their flight due to several reasons. Condor airline's rebooking fee does vary, and it also depends on certain other factors such as distance, people traveling in a flight.

  2. A passenger has to rebook their condor airlines reservation within 24 hours from the date of purchase of a ticket.

  3. All condor flights can be rebooked easily, and it's free of charge without giving up any reasons, which are up to 2 weeks before its departure date.

  4. Condor Airlines Rebooking Fee and its conditions do apply on all classes short-haul, long Haul Routes.

  5. If one cannot cancel their flight ticket within 24 hours, one must pay the cancellation charges, which vary from $100 to or 400 dollars.

  6. The cancellation fee also depends upon fare type, route, or group reservation made by the customer.




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