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How do you change seats on Breeze Airways?

After making the bookings, if you think that your seats are not much comfortable and want to change your seat. Well, you can change seats on a breeze airway easily by using several modes such as online or contacting the customer representative and getting help by phone call. Follow the step-by-step process to change seats online.

The online process to choose a seat on Breeze Airways

You can choose the seat on the breeze airways seat map, and if you want to do it, you need to follow the below points.

  • Search the website of Breeze airways in your search engine. https://www.flybreeze.com/
  • Then click on the manage bookings page.
  • After this, you must fill out the last name and booking reference number in the given space.
  • Following this, your flight reservations will come on the screen. Now you can choose the booking you want to change and select a new seat according to your choice.
  • Next, you need to save the seat, and then if you see any charges, pay it by using your card.
  • Last you will get an email about successfully choosing the seat on your given email id.

By phone call

To connect with the Breeze airways representative for seat selection, you need to dial this number 501-273-3931 and then follow the IVR.

Press 1 for the queries related to the new bookings
Press 2 If you want to change the flight
Press 3 if you have issues related to lost luggage
Press 4 if you want to change the seat
Press 5 to connect with the representatives

After listening to the IVR, you need to choose the option which suits your query and then speak to a live person at Breeze airways.

How are the seats on Breeze Airways?

The seats of Breeze airways are different; if you choose the standard seat type, you will get the normal seat, but it is in the front of the aircraft. If you choose the business class seat type at the breeze airways seat selection, you will get wider seats with extra legroom and extra luggage excess. The most comfortable seat type is the premium class seat; in this seat type, you will get a personal cabin in which all the premium facilities will be available, and in this seat type, the meal and drinks are included.

What is the Breeze Airways seat selection policy?

Having the information about the seat selection policies is essential as it will give you information about whether you have to pay the cost to choose the seat or you can do it without paying charges. The seat selection policies of Breeze airways are below mention.

  1. If you choose the seat before the 48 hours of flight departure, you will not need to pay the charges, but after the 24 hours free window, the cost is applicable to choose the preferred seat.
  2. If you have any medical issues, you need to show the relevant documents from the registered institution, and you can choose the seat without any charges.
  3. According to the breeze airways seat selection policy, you can choose the seat without paying any charges if you book the flight using miles.
  4. You must take your luggage as per the seat type, and if you want to carry some extra luggage, you must pay the charges. These charges will depend upon the weight of the baggage.
  5. If you make the bookings from the official representatives of Breeze airways, then you need to communicate with them to choose the seat.

How much is the seat change fee on Breeze Airways?

The seat change fee on Breeze airlines will vary as they provide different seat types, but the amount you need to pay to change seats is between 20 USD to 80 USD as the breeze airways seat selection fee. The change fee will also depend upon the time left on the flight departure.

What are the nicer seats on Breeze?

Every seat on Breeze is comfortable, but the most comfortable seat that Breeze airways give is the premium seat type. You will get every facility with more legroom and baggage access in this seat type.

Do you pay for seats on Breeze Airways?

You do not need to pay the cost to choose a seat on breeze airways for seat selection if you do it at the time of booking or if you choose the seat due to any medical issue then you also do not need to pay the cost of seat selection.

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