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How do I add my lap child to my United flight?

United Airlines is a well-known airline that manages its flight services from its main hub (i.e., Illinois, United States). The airline is popular for offering customers exclusive discounts, benefits, and luxurious services at lower and budgeted airfare. The airline staff is concerned not only about the mother (while traveling) but also about the child/infant. Before boarding the flight, the mother of the child must know about the process to add a lap child to the United flight and the infant policy of the airline. The steps for adding the child while making a reservation are given here below:

  • Go to the portal of United Airlines
  • Then select the origin of departure and the final destination. 
  • Now choose the ticket type.
  • In the traveler option, you must select "Infant on Lap." 
  • To confirm the flight ticket, make the payment. 

NOTE: You can also add lap infant after booking, i.e., while proceeding for the check-in (either online or from the airport). 

Does United Airlines allow infants on laps?

The significant points related to the infant policy of United Airlines are given here below:

  1. The airlines will not allow infants younger than seven days old, and all others more than seven days old will be welcomed. 
  2. According to the United Airlines lap infant rules, one adult can take an infant on a lap per reservation. 
  3. The infant's birth certificate must be carried out if the child is aged two years. 
  4. The adult must carry all the necessary items required for the infant. 


For further queries, talk with the United customer support team at 1 (800) 864-8331 and get fast help from the representative. 


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