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Steps to Cancel Lufthansa Airlines Booking

Everyone on this planet enjoys traveling and exploring new places. But, sometimes on the condition, we have to cancel our booked tickets. Most of the people do not have an idea about the cancellation policy, and that leads them to pay some additional charges.

If you booked a ticket with Lufthansa, and want to cancel Lufthansa flight booking, then you should know the policy first. Lufthansa’s cancellation policy is easy to understand, and we have discussed those policies below.

Lufthansa Cancellation Policy

  • 24hour cancellation policy

According to Lufthansa’s policy, if you cancel the ticket before 24hours of the beginning of the trip, then you can expect a full refund of the money.

  • Type of ticket

Refund money will be depended on the type of ticket you have.

  • Lufthansa’s cancellation fee

In many cases, one has to cancel the booked ticket during the risk period. In such cases, you have to pay $39 to get a refund. It may vary and depend on the destination and distance of flying.

If you fail to board the plane due to any reason, the airlines are not responsible for it. In that case, you are not applicable for the refund.

If you have an award ticket, then the charges may be high. It could be around $50. So, if you want to cancel the ticket, then you should do this as early as possible. With passing time, you have to pay some additional fees to get a refund.

Procedure to Cancel Lufthansa Airlines Booking

  • Open Manage Booking option on your account
  • Select the “Book and Manage” option
  • Login with email Id and last name
  • Click on the cancellation option

Once you complete these steps you will receive the message by mail from Lufthansa. It will be regarding the cancellation. If it shows that “your booked ticket is canceled”, then the process is finished. If you still feel issues during the canceling of Lufthansa flight ticket, then you can contact their official person.

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