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Steps to change a flight on Bahamasair

  1. First, visit the Bahamasair official website from your web browser.

  2. Here, choose the My Trips option to access that section for entering the essential details.

  3. Give the confirmation number and the surname of the passenger in the necessary web fields.

  4. Now, click on the Manage your booking option to retrieve the current flight reservation.

  5. After this, a customer needs to select the flight change option there and enter the new flight details.

  6. Select the departure and arrival date of the new flight and move to the final payment page.

  7. Provide payment for it and use that to accomplish your process and receive the confirmation email.

Therefore, a user can change the Bahamasair flight by using the aforementioned process. Those who want to gain more details about the method of Bahamasair change flight should contact with Bahamasair customer service team at 1-242-702-4140 to resolve the problem you encounter. 

Bahamasair flight change policy

  • Any change made by the customers before the expiry of 24 hours of booking costs $0 to change the flight.

  • Flight change is feasible on using the Bahamasair online platform and modified through the manage trip section.

  • Bahamasair flight change is permitted for all its customers by paying the change fee (subject to condition).

  • When the airline changes the flight, it does not charge any additional fee for it, and everyone is allowed to do it without any problem.

  • In case of long delays, all customers can also use the change method to change their Bahamas flight booking with a few changes without paying any required fee.

  • Bahamasair also permits its customers to change the award flight booking by paying the required fee through points of the frequent flyer program.

How much does it cost to change the Bahamasair flight?

Bahamasair is a great airline that allows its customers to change their flight when they need it by charging a specific fee. This fee is very nominal and depends on the date of flight change and the fair type. The Bahamasair flight change fee is zero when a customer attempts to change the flight within 24 hours of booking it. This is one of the best things available to all its customers who need to pay a specific fee for adopting this measure.


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