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We are all aware of the pandemic going on, how problematic it has become to fly with any of the airlines or face the daily flight changes/cancelations. Well, British Airways has taken the best possible measures by providing relaxation in British airways flight change.

If you are wondering about how to change a flight on British Airways, follow the points listed below to get a better understanding of the same.

How to change my flight on British Airways?

You can change your flight with the help of the official application of British Airways;

  • Download the official British airways application on your smartphone.

  • If you aren’t registered yet, complete the process and continue.

  • Now once you are in, locate and click on the ‘Manage Booking’ section.

  • Enter the Booking Reference number with the Last Name of the passenger who made the booking.

  • You can then make the required changes with the help of the official application of British Airways.

British Airways flight change policy

  1. You can change your flight in the 24 hour time span after the time of your online flight booking.
  2. If you change it within the mentioned time, you won’t have to pay a service charge.
  3. The process can only be done if you make the booking with the help of the official website or the official application of British Airways.

How much does it cost to change British Airways flights?

  • The service charge fee to change your British Airways flight might vary from 50 to 150 dollars.

  • The charge depends upon the type of original booking you had with British Airways.

  • You’d have to pay the service fee if you do not meet the 24-hour policy.

Although the British Airways flight change policy in covid now allows you to make changes, rebook your flights to a future date if your past or current flight booking falls in a situation where it is not safe to travel or if you are facing any health issues. The changes can be made free of cost, and you would not be levied to pay any kind of service charge fee to British Airlines. Thus, you can know everything there is about flight changes with British airlines by reading all the points listed above only for the sake of your maximum benefits.


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