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Bahamasair is an airline in the Bahamas having headquartered in Nassau. If you have a reservation with Bahamasair, you will be happy to know that the airline provides hassle-free policies to support its users. Coming to its seat selection, the airline allows you to select a seat in advance with Bahamasair. Here you will get to know about Bahamasair seat selection in detail.

How to choose a seat in Bahamasair?

You can select your seat in Bahamasair while booking and during checking by visiting the official website of Bahamasair.

Steps to choose a seat on Bahamasair

  • To choose your seat, you can visit the Bahamasair official website
  • Go to my trip section, and enter the confirmation number and surname there and click on manage my booking
  • Now select the booking for which you have to sleet the seat
  • You can click on the seat selection option and choose your seat from the seat map given
  • Clear the payment if any fee is applicable on the selected seat
  • Once the seat selection is made, you will get a confirmation mail from the airline
  • You can select your seat via the web check-in process online. You can click on the check-in option on the homepage of Bahamasair, and following the instructions given online, you can select your seat before the payment step comes. So you can go through the above steps if you have to choose your seat in Bahamasair.

Bahamasair seat selection policy

  1. As per the Bahamasair seat selection policy, if you need extra space, you can address your seating need at the time of booking. The reservation agent will help you to provide two adjacent seats.
  2. As per the airline’s seat selection policy, if you need extra space and forgot to book it, you can speak to the airport agent and purchase the additional seat. If seats are available, you will be accommodated to the next empty seat; if it’s not available, you can purchase an adjacent seat on a different flight.
  3. With Bahamasair, you can select your desired seat by paying a small amount of seat selection fee.
  4. You can select your required seat at the time of check-in and also before checking by going to the seat selection option.
  5. As per the policy, you cannot select a seat in the emergency exit row, front row of the airline, and the area where the service tray tables are located in the armrests.

How much does it cost to choose a seat in Bahamasair?

If you choose a seat in Bahamasair, the cost depends on various factors. Although the prices are not too high, a marginal amount is charged. You can also speak to the reservation department of Bahamasair to know the exact Bahamasair seat selection fees. If you have a third-party booking, you can directly speak to the travel agent about seat selection charges.


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