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How to get a refund from Indigo?

It is very challenging for a person to get a refund, especially when they cancel the ticket for the first time. Though, when you are traveling with Indigo, then you can easily get a refund in a hassle-free manner. Indigo provides a customer-friendly interface that allows the customer to get a refund fast. 

Steps to request/get a refund from Indigo

  1. First, you have to open the browser. 

  2. Next, click on the official website of Indigo. 

  3. Here you have to search for the “Manage booking” option. 

  4. Here you can see the drop-down menu of the Indigo. 

  5. Further, you can see the option to provide the booking details; once you cancel the flight, move to the next option, refunded. 

  6. You have to fill in the ticket’s details to check whether you are eligible to get a refund or not. 

  7. If you are eligible, you have to mention the reason behind the cancellation, complete the process, and get a refund. 

Indigo airlines refund policy

  • If you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of the cancellation period, you can get a full refund. 

  • In a 24 hour risk-free period, you are not allowed to make the same day of departure cancellation; there will be some deduction from the refund amount. 

  • For involuntary cancellation, you can get the full refund along with compensation too. 

How do I contact IndiGo Customer Care Refund?

You can call on IndiGo refund phone number 0124 617 3838. It is pretty convenient as well as a feasible method for all kinds of customers. So first, you have to move to this method, and if you are not getting the solution, you can opt for some other. You can also write an email at customer.relations@goindigo.in for assistance.

How long does Indigo take to refund?

In general, getting a refund depends on you when you put indigo refund request. However, whenever you put a refund request, it will take time to review. In this process, they will check whether you are eligible to get a full refund or not. Once you qualify, then you can get the refund within 7 days of applying for the request. It may go fast when you have made an online payment while purchasing. 

How much refund can I get if I cancel my flight Indigo?

Indigo refund charges rely on the type of cancellation. 

  1. If you have canceled the ticket 2 hours before the departure, you might have to pay Rs 3000 per ticket. 

  2. When you cancel the ticket due to an involuntary condition, you don’t have to bear any cancellation charges, which means you can get the full refund.

  3. You can get a full refund with the flyer program too.


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