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Sometimes it has been seen that the members of Zipcar want to talk with the Zipcar customer service person so that they can easily get the solutions for queries. If you want to know how to speak to a Zipcar live person, check some easiest ways through which you can very smoothly speak to the Zipcar customer service live person;

How to Speak to a Zipcar Customer Service Person?

Via Zipcar Phone Support

Calling through the Zipcar phone number 1-866-4ZIPCAR (1-866-494-7227)/+1-802-317-8353 is the most helpful & convenient way to contact Zipcar. Just once visit the website of the Zipcar and go to the support page, then within that click on the contact us option.

Now you will get a Zipcar contact number, dial the number from your phone and follow the IVR instructions. After that, your call will be transferred to Zipcar live expert.

Via Zipcar Social Media Network

Customers can also contact Zipcar via social media by sending messages or inquiries.

Zipcar Facebook

Zipcar Twitter

Zipcar Youtube

Via Zipcar Help Center

This option has another way of getting help, you just need to visit the official website of Zipcar, then you will search for the Zipcar help center page, once you get the page you will then click on the help center page link & there you can ask your questions about Zipcar & you will immediate answers for the queries. And this is a type of chat option with the customer service expert executive for help.

How do you call 866 on 4ZIPCAR?

Now members of the customers look for the option so that they can call the 4ZIPCAR through phone so that they can connect with the service team easily & smoothly. Through the help of 866 toll-free numbers, one can very easily have the direct approach towards the 4ZIPCAR customer care support team executive for help, so that they can assist the users without any disturbance.

Now if you want to know how to call 866 on 4ZIPCAR so that without any issue you are able to connect with the expert representative. Then here are the steps that will help you to call the 4ZIPCAR with the help of 866 without any kind of issue;

  • At first, you have to visit the official website of Zipcar through a web browser

  • After that, on the homepage, you will search for the option support page

  • Once you get the support page option then just click on the support page option

  • Within that option, you will have to click on the contact us option

  • Then in there, you will get the Zipcar customer service number that starts with 1-866-4ZIPCAR (1-866-494-7227)

  • Now you will have to get the number & dial the number so as to talk with a live agent

  • Once you dial the helpline number then you will have to follow the IVR instructions like;

  1. Press 1 for selecting the language
  2. Press 2 for the questions about joining the press
  3. Press 3 law enforcement officer
  4. Press 9 to connect with the executive
  5. Press 0 to listen to the menu options again
  • At last, by pressing the executive call connection option you will be directly get connected with the representative

  • And the Zipcar live customer service agent is available 24 hours a day & seven days a week.

How do you get through Zipcar?

If you have any issue with Zipcar or want to raise any questions regarding that, the best is to connect with the customer service. They will resolve all your problems in less time by providing an appropriate solution to you. To get through with Zipcar customer service, you can place a call to the customer representative. Follow the procedure mentioned below and get the resolution immediately.

  • Take your phone and dial Zipcar phone number 1-802-500-3515 or 1-866-494-7227.

  • Press the keys to place a call to the customer representative.

  • You will hear some IVR options.

  • Listen to them, as one will connect you to the customer representative.

  • Press the desired number and speak about your issues.

  • Get an immediate solution with a proper explanation.

How long is Zipcar hold?

In case you want to hold Zipcar for any apparent reason, go ahead. Zipcar offers this opportunity to its customers to hold Zipcar easily. The only thing is that you cannot hold it for more than 1 hour. You can reserve Zipcar for one hour or thirty minutes only.

After this period, your booking gets canceled. In addition, you can contact customer service through the Zipcar phone number 1-866-494-7227 to know more about the hold. Also, in some emergency cases, you can increase the hold time by communicating with the customer service.

Once you dial the customer service number, the customer representative will provide all the essential information regarding the Zipcar hold. Also, they will suggest if you want to increase the timing of hold.

How do I file a complaint with Zipcar?

If you encounter any problem related to Zipcar, you can file a complaint easily. You can file a complaint by multiple modes. The most common methods are a phone call and an email. Place a phone call to the customer representative and listen to the IVR options. Among the options, you will hear an option to file a complaint. Press that number to register your complaint. Also, you can email your complaint to the email address of Zipcar. The customer representative will revert with a proper solution.

Can you rent a Zipcar for 24 hours?

Yes, Zipcar provides you the benefit of renting a Zipcar for 24 hours. You can book the car at any time of the day, and accordingly, you can access the vehicle. Also, for any additional information, you can connect with the Zipcar customer service 24/7 to clear any of your doubts. The customer service will provide a better solution to you in a minimum time. Therefore, grab this benefit and remove any of your Zipcar-related doubts.


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