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How to Manage Insel Airlines Booking?

Functioning from Maduro Plaza, Willemstad, Insel Airline is the national airline of Curacao. It is a Dutch Caribbean Carrier. The hub is located in Hato international airport in Curacao. It serves five destinations throughout the Caribbean, and South America. Though the focus of the airline is on the island countries of Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, and Bonaire. It is used as a frequent choice of all those who travel on a daily or weekly basis. It is due to low traveling fare and numerous generous policies and also the luring offers.

The important point is to note the Insel StarMiles. Inseal StarMiles is a frequent flier of the loyalty program and also the Insel International Airlines also rewards it s flyers quite generously. Each flight will award you with a minimum of 500 miles, which you can also use for various purposes such as – you can use then when traveling with partner airlines, use them to purchase InselAir International Airlines tickets, and also donate them to charity.

The inboard services are quite satisfying and bring you into a state of comfort and calm. Apart from the amenities provided the airline also supports and assists you in all your problems and issues. If you face any issue while booking the ticket or canceling the tickets or don’t know how you can change the flight then you can contact them anytime for help. To reach out use can either use their email or contact number. If you have any other issues you can also drop the query in their query box and they will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Now if you are looking for a way to manage Insel airlines booking, you can simply follow the given steps –

1) Browse to the website of the Insel Airlines and click on the ‘manage my trip’ option.

2) Enter your last name and your ticker number in the given spaces.

3) You will be then taken to the page where you have numerous options regarding the ways in which you can manage a trip like – cancel your flight or change the seat or the flight and as such.

4) You might be or might not be charged for making all such changes. (It completely depends on the policies related to your alterations.)


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