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Is It Cheaper To Rent A Car Last Minute?

No matter where you are going, you may want to rent a car. Renting a car is necessary to avoid unwanted inconvenience while visiting somewhere. You can rent a car with the airline you have booked a flight ticket with and there are other ways to rent a car as well.

Now, most of the time people may book a car a little late, or at the last minute. So, the question that arises here is- is it cheaper to rent a car last minute? Well, the answer to this question is simple and you are going to get it in the points mentioned below.

Do you save money by renting a car last minute?

  1. When you book a car within one week of your trip, the rent is most likely to get costly. As per the record, if you book a car within 48 hours of your trip, you will have to bear the high cost of rent.
  2. However, car rental is still cheap in some places comparatively to others. You can even rent a car just a few hours before you go and pick the car, and you can save a great deal of money.

So, if you ask, is it cheaper to rent a car last minute? Then the answer would be yes, but again, it depends on the source from which you are renting a car.

What Is The Best Time To Rent A Car?

Everyone wants to travel in an eco-friendly manner. Everyone wants to save some money from the money spent on purchasing a flight ticket or renting a car. It is quite economical to think like that because you can save money and use it somewhere else on your vacation.

So, if you want to rent a car and save some money on the rent you will be paying for the car, then chances are there that you can do that. So, let’s see what is the best time to rent a car?

When can you rent a car and save some money?

  • If you are planning to rent a car a year before your trip, then you are mistaken. Prices are usually stable and higher a year ahead of the trip.
  • So, the best time that has been evaluated to rent a car is three to six months before you travel. Prices are generally competitive around this time and you can get some exciting discounts.

So, the answer to your question: what is the best time to rent a car lies in the above mentioned points. Choose wisely and have a happy holiday!


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