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Sometimes a person needs to change the flight booking due to some emergency or they want to add more facility. Though many times a person doesn’t know how to do this, if you are flying with the Condor flight, then you can change the booking and make your traveling more enjoyable.

You must be wondering, how? But with condor airlines manage my booking you can do this online. We have covered the details below and you can easily learn about them in detail.

Steps to manage Condor flight bookings

There are some simple steps to manage condor flight booking that you can follow and manage the bookings.

  1. You can use the condor mobile application or you can open the web browser and search for the Condor flight official website

  2. Next, click on the homepage and go to the vertical option present at the top of the screen

  3. You can see the book now, and along with the “manage booking” option. Here to access this, you have to mention the details like condor ID and confirmation booking number as well as last name

  4. Next, you can click on the submit and see the various option through which you can change the booking, like change date, destination, reschedule, add passenger, or much more. Though there will some restrictions too like you cannot change the name on the tickets

  5. You can use the mobile application and click on the menu option and then go with manage booking options. Here the rest of the process is the same, but with this, you can run the process fast

  6. Next, you can save the changes and let the airlines review it, but it may take some time. Whatever changes you make, you will get the mail on the registered ID and ticket will be reissued and you can see the changes in the boarding pass

Now, you can see how to do condor manage booking and it is easy, but in case you face any difficulties, you can contact Condor support team to know about it. Here you can easily get prompt solutions.

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