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RBC WestJet Mastercard

Are you planning to get yourself an RBC WestJet Mastercard? If you are going through a dilemma or are having any second thoughts or guesses as to getting a card or not then you are in for some really valuable information pertaining to getting an RBC WestJet Mastercard. Let us begin by answering a few questions concerning RBC WestJet Mastercard.

What are the benefits of a WestJet Mastercard?

Users can enjoy a plethora of WestJet Mastercard benefits by enrolling in the card services. Here are a few perks associated with owing an RBC WestJet Mastercard: 

Save huge on travels

Owing an RBC WestJet Mastercard allow passengers to get ultimate travel benefits and rewards that are aimed at offering multi-faceted travel returns to individuals traveling by redeeming the WestJet Mastercard value and points. Passengers are able to save money on their travel by using a WestJet Mastercard (credit card). 

Added perks to travelers

Having an RBC WestJet Mastercard offers numerous benefits to travelers as they are able to receive an annual credit card companion voucher. This can be used for a roundtrip within Canada and the continental U.S. for CAD 199 ONLY (taxes, fees, and charges are additional).

Grand welcome offer to travelers

Passengers also receive a welcome bonus of RBC Westjet Mastercard rewards in the form of Westjet dollars after their first purchase. These WestJet dollars can further be utilized for reserving a WestJet flight or WestJet vacation packages without having to worry about any blackout period.

Complimentary Boingo Wifi access

People with an RBC WestJet Mastercard can avail of free Wifi benefits on these flights. Users can find over 1 million Bingo Wifi hotspots for connecting their devices for a great in-flight streaming experience. 

Status lift for the members

An RBC WestJet Mastercard holder receives a status lift of USD 500 if they spend USD 15000 in everyday spending on their WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard. 

Free baggage

Royal Bank WestJet Mastercard holders receive the first checked bag for free and can also have up to 8 guests on the same reservation. 

Get an automatic WestJet rewards member status

Travelers are automatically enrolled for RBC WestJet rewards members thus they are able to keep track of their WestJet dollars. Travelers will also receive a WestJet Rewards ID on their email addresses. Get insiders’ access to WestJet Reward seats, offers, sales, deals, and more after gaining the WestJet rewards member status via Royal bank WestJet Mastercard. 

Added Insurance coverage

People also enjoy added insurance coverage as a part of an RBC WestJet Mastercard and are able to enjoy the following benefits: travel accident insurance, auto rental collision/loss damage insurance, hotel/motel burglary insurance, purchase security, and extended warranty insurance. 

More value

People with an RBC WestJet Mastercard can earn more BeWell points at Rexall. WestJet Mastercard holders can earn 50 BeWell points for every USD 1 spent on eligible purchases at Rexall. Furthermore, travelers can also enjoy an unlimited USD 0 delivery fee with DoorDash using the complimentary DoorDash subscription from DoorDash for up to three months. People can also grab free deliveries from the qualifying restaurants for orders above USD  12 by making payments using any eligible RBC WestJet Mastercard. 

How to check RBC WestJet Mastercard balance?

People who own an RBC WestJet Mastercard can self enquire about their MasterCard balance via the RBC WestJet Mastercard application on their phones or online by visiting the following link: www.westjet.com/account.  

Moreover, people can also find help and assistance with their flights by contacting the support representatives at WestJet for help. One can dial the following hotline number: 1-888-937-8538, to receive help from the professionals working at WestJet. Executives from the customer support team will connect back to offer insights into your WestJet account balance.

  1. Download the WestJet application on your device to get control of your device at your fingertips.  
  2. Users can get the application from the App Store or Play Store for their iOS and Android devices respectively. 
  3. Login to your WestJet Mastercard account to access your account details. 

Does WestJet Mastercard have an annual fee?

Yes, there is an annual fee to the RBC WestJet Mastercard. Although, people can get the card with no annual fee for the first year. One can connect with the customer support executives at RBC to enquire about the annual card fee. People can dial the RBC WestJet Mastercard contact number to get committed help with owning an RBC WestJet Mastercard. The annual fee for a WestJet Mastercard is USD 120 per year. 

Tip: get a separate WestJet Mastercard for you and your spouse and receive individual 350 WestJet dollars as a welcome bonus.

What is the interest rate on the WestJet Mastercard?

The interest rate on the RBC WestJet Mastercard is as follows:

Category Interest Rate
Regular APR interest rate  19.99%
Balance transfer Interest rate  21.99%
Cash Advance interest rate 21.99% 

People can find more details on the interest rates online on the website. Refer to www.rbcroyalbank.com

Does WestJet Mastercard have lounge access?

Passengers with an RBC WestJet credit card with WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard status can exchange each valid Annual Elite round-trip companion voucher for four (4) one-time-use lounge access vouchers (‘Lounge vouchers’) at all WestJet partner lounges.

The tier benefits also play a vital role in granting complimentary access to lounges for travelers with an RBC WestJet Mastercard status. One can also take their guests to the lounge with the WestJet Mastercard. People need to make sure that they are able to utilize the Lounge services within the expiry period of the companion voucher that they traded using their Royal bank Mastercard status.

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