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How to select a seat on Air NZ?

If you travel by Air NZ, you get several options to select your seats. Here is a brief of all the options for your reference; you can opt for any of these for the air New Zealand seat selection process.

At the time of booking:- While booking your flight online, the airline provides you with a seat selection option. Here is the quick procedure below mentioned for your reference.

  1. You can visit the official site and go to the booking page

  2. There follow a standard booking procedure

  3. Provide your arrival and departure date and location, and other details

  4. Now you can select the most suitable flight from the result

  5. Follow further booking instructions on the screen and select your seat

  6. Clear your payment, and you can confirm the booking

After booking:- You can also select a seat on Air NZ after booking. You need to retrieve your booking directly or by signing in to your account online. 

By calling the Contact Center:- You can also directly contact the Air New Zealand contact center and ask them to select a seat on your behalf. However, the charges might be applied to select a seat by calling 1 (800) 262-1234.

Air New Zealand seat selection policy

  1. Air New Zealand's seat selection policy helps you select your preferred seat and make the journey most comfortable and beautiful.

  2. As per the Air New Zealand seat selection policy, you can select your desired seat anytime while booking the flight, after booking, and at the time of check-in.

  3. In most cases, Air New Zealand does not charge any fee to select a standard seat. However, you must pay a certain fee to select other seats.

  4. Business and higher classes can opt for the desired seats almost free of cost.

  5. You can select your Air New Zealand seats by visiting the official site, contacting the contact center, or visiting the Air New Zealand offices.

How much cost to select a seat on Air New Zealand?

The cost of seats varies from location to location and the type of seats you opt for. The standard seats are normally free of cost. Besides here, you can check out the details of the Air New Zealand seat selection fee given for your reference.

Domestic flights:- The standard seats with a seat and seat plus bag cost around $ 5, and desired seat and exit row cost around $ 10.

For flexible and Flexi-time, standard seats are free, and you need to pay around $ 10 to book an exit row seat.

Long-Haul International flights:- The standard seat fare cost around $ 20 and the preferred seat for around $ 50, the Bassinet row for around $ 25, and the exit row cost around $ 105. 

The standard seats are free for Flexible and Economic fares, and you need to pay around $ 50., $ 105, and $ 25 for a preferred exit row, and Bassinet seats, respectively.

What are the different types of seats in Air New Zealand?

Air New Zealand offers mainly four types of seats for its passengers worldwide. The seats are divided as per comfort, safety, and extra legroom. Besides, you can opt for these seats at the time of booking, after, and during check-in. Here you can check out the various seat types below for your reference.

  1. Standard seats
  2. Preferred seats
  3. Exit row
  4. Business row seats

What is an Air New Zealand preferred seat?

Preferred seats:- You can select the seat of your choice in the desired location of the plane. The preferred seats allow you priority boarding options, including stretching out, extra legroom seats, and other airfare services. You can select the preferred seats online by visiting the Air New Zealand website and calling the customer support team Air New Zealand.

Is the sky couch on Air New Zealand worth it?

Yes, the sky couch on Air New Zealand is worth it for the following reasons.

  1. You can have a lie-flat experience at a reasonable price, and also it's superior to the premium economy when it comes to prices and comfort.

  2. The sky couch boat is around 1.55 m in length across three seats. The width is around 74 cm. The dimensions give you extra space and make the journey comfortable at a reasonable price.

  3. Two average adults can easily sleep together and enjoy their journey with full comfort. However, traveling alone, you can easily cross your legs or stretch across all three seats and watch your favorite movie.

You can get the sky couch only for long-haul fleets in Air New Zealand. You can book it online when making a reservation or after booking by visiting the Manage your booking section.

Is Air NZ premium economy worth it?

Yes, it is worth it because you get an affordable luxury balance if you look forward to more personal space and free standard seat selection. Two carry on, with each weighing around 7 kg. You can get two pieces of checked luggage up to 23 kg each.

Besides that, you get comfortable seats to stretch out and recline. You can sit back comfortably, recline your seat, and enjoy the leg room to stretch your legs.

You can enjoy various entertainment channels and order a bite, drink, and snacks via your touchscreen, which is an arm stretch away.

Besides, as air new Zealand business class seating is always expensive, if you get the luxury you want at the best prices, you can go ahead with premium economy.

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